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Babes in Toyland - by Victor Herbert, Ken Holamon

Babes in Toyland by Victor Herbert, Ken Holamon

Play script. By Victor Herbert, updated and adapted by Ken Holamon. All of the glorious music and fabulous fantasy characters of the classic Victor Herbert creation, in a bright contemporary version. Two acts. 1 Village Square and 5 outdoor locales. 12 men, 13 women with multiple casting opportunities; 2 baby lambs, a mongrel dog, a stuffed parrot. Victor Herbert's unforgettable tunes accompany Contrary Mary, Tom-Tom, and their friends, as they journey from Mother Goose Village to Toyland, seeking the Master Toymaker to save their home. They reach Toyland, despite the bumbling villany of Barnaby's comic henchmen, just in time to help the Toymaker save Christmas around the world. To the timeless "March of the Toy Soldiers," all of the fabulous fantasy characters and lively toy soldiers sing and dance this joyful celebration of the spirit of giving.

Available On:
Babes in Toyland on Hardcover Babes in Toyland on Paperback Babes in Toyland on Kindle

Publisher: Anchorage Pr

Released: 1988

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