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Anima Mundi - by Don Nigro

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Anima Mundi by Don Nigro

Drama 8m, 5f (with doubling). Unit set. A young American poet arrives in London at the turn of the century, falls in love with a troubled dancer and has his fortune told by Madame Blavatsky. Each tarot card triggers a vivid scene from his turbulent future. Yeats in the tower, the Satanist Alister Crowley, and cranky Ezra Pound in the mad house are there as well as Oscar Wilde among some French ladies of easy virtue, a shell shocked Everett in no man's land, the bitter ballplayer Rex, and the manic Captain Blood. At a wild seance, Wilde's ghost is summoned to discuss God and chocolate eclairs. This poetic play traces the young American's search for his elusive love, God and the meaning of art in a stunning tapestry of memories and nightmares. A National Play Award finalist, this magical drama is central to the author's cycle of Pendragon plays.

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Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

Released: 1994



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