Agnes of God - by John Pielmeier

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Agnes of God by John Pielmeier Buy Agnes of God on Amazon

Drama / Characters: 3 FemalesSummoned to a covent, Dr. Martha Livingstone, a court-appointed psychiatrist, is charged with assessing the sanity of a young novitiat accused of murdering her newborn. Miriam Ruth, the Mother Superior, determindly keeps young Agnes from the doctor, arousing Livingstone's suspicions further. Who killed the infant and who fathered the tiny victim? Livingstone's questions force all three women to re-examine the meaning of faith and the power of love leading to a dramatic, compelling climax. A hit on Broadway and later on film. . "Riveting, powerful, electrifying drama...the dialogue crackles."-New York Daily News . "Outstanding play [that] intelligently with questions of religion and psychology."-The New York Times. "Unquestionably blindingly theatrical...cleverly executed blood and guts evening in the theatre."-New York Post

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Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

Released: 2010

Buy Agnes of God on Amazon Buy Agnes of God on iTunes



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