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A Vampire Reflects - by Frank Semerano

A Vampire Reflects by Frank Semerano

5m, 2f / Comedy / Unit set / Count Zescu, a Vampire from the old country, takes up residence in the American southwest accompanied only by his coffin and Mattie, who is an all too amorous co-ed he can't seem to lose. Hot on the heels of this colorful entourage is Joyce Lyonhartt, a plucky and determined reporter who excels in disguises to get close to what seems to be a once in lifetime story. The Count settles down in dreary house near a secret army base, and witnesses a bat seemingly explode spontaneously. He stumbles upon a weapons experiment, which involves turning living bats into flying bombs, headed by old foe, Dr. Gunter. An escaped war criminal ironically hiding out in the country whose army is pursuing him, Dr. Gunter continues to wage his private little war, though now aware that his new nemesis may inform on him. On his way to challenging the commander of the Army base, however, the Count discovers he is the uncle of Mattie, and is himself looking to do in the "older man" his niece has run off with. New and old accounts are on their way to being settled during a late night dinner at the Count's estate.

Available On:
A Vampire Reflects on Paperback A Vampire Reflects on iTunes

Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

Released: 2008

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