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100 Playwriting Challenges - by Eric Webb

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100 Playwriting Challenges by Eric Webb Christopher Holoyda

What resources are out there for playwrights to “stay in shape” with their writing? Is there anything out there to help these theatermakers focus, practice, and tell stories? 100 Playwriting Challenges features a collection of exercises and prompts designed to jumpstart imagination and kick that daunting blank page to the curb. From challenges on character to scene-starters to revisions, this book will provide the tools and resources playwrights need to kick-start their next creative adventure.

Available On:
100 Playwriting Challenges on Kindle

Publisher: The TheaterMakers Studio

Released: 2021

The Theatermakers Studio Releases New Book 100 PLAYWRITING CHALLENGES Available For Pre-Sale by A.A. Cristi - March 24, 2021

The TheaterMakers Studio, the premiere online certification training program and community for theater makers, announces the release of “100 Playwriting Challenges” by Eric C. Webb with Christopher Holoyda and foreword by  Ken Davenport.



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