Olena Ripnick

Olena Ripnick Olena Ripnick is a Boston University journalism student and freelance writer whose introduction to the performing arts took place when she was cast as Gretel in ?The Sound of Music? at the tender age of six. She has an extensive background in both theatre and music production, and in 2001 founded Rip It Up Productions and has gone on to produce everything from musicals to benefit concerts. She continues to remain involved in the various aspects of the theatre, from performing to directing, as well as the many aspects of the music industry, including event production, artist management, and performance. When she?s not on stage or behind the scenes, Olena can be found on the ski slopes, on air with her weekly musical theatre radio show La Vie Boh?me (www.wtburadio.com), or traveling the world and exploring the infinite abyss. She thanks her family for supporting all her endeavors, no matter how crazy they may seem.



Shaw Delivers, but Lyric's "Arms" Doesn't Satisfy
May 10, 2007

George Bernard Shaw's Arms and the Man is a witty satire that everyone should experience; however, while the Lyric Stage's interpretation of the play sometimes hits the mark, Shaw's message is overpowered by a somewhat muddled and over-the-top staging...

Compelling Confessions an Authentically Worthy Experience
April 30, 2007

Confessions of a Mormon Boy, Steven Fales's strikingly honest one man show about his struggle as a Mormon coming to terms with his sexual identity, is a compelling piece of theatre...

Huntington Presents a Flawed 'Persephone'
April 23, 2007

There are many ways to describe my feelings after the close of the Huntington Theatre Company's Persephone, but one word sums it up best-empty.

A.R.T.'s 'Britannicus' Misses the Mark
February 2, 2007

Power. Lust. Greed. Betrayal. Murder. They key ingredients for any good drama are alive and well in Britannicus, Jean Racine's seventeenth century play of corruption and deception in the Julio-Claudian Dynasty...

ART Scores A Hit With 'The Onion Cellar'
December 19, 2006

Is it a play? A rock musical? A cabaret? A series of overlapping vignettes set to a Dresden Dolls score? A performance piece? I'm not quite sure what to call The Onion Cellar, but I do know that I absolutely loved every minute of it...

As Expected, 'STOMP' Doesn't Disappoint
December 8, 2006

I first saw STOMP over four years ago at another, smaller, Boston theatre. I remember being absolutely amazed at how the performers took what seemed like the ordinary and morphed it into an extraordinary fusion of rhythm, dance, and an innovative style of music...

Jury Still Out on 'Twelve Angry Men'
November 10, 2006

A solid cast, an award-winning director, and an arguably intense story based on an internationally acclaimed film-how could it go wrong? Well, it didn't really go wrong, per se, but it didn't really go right, either.

'Altar Boyz' Is A Slice of Theatrical Heaven
November 2, 2006

It's funny, it's witty, it's energetic, and it's smart, but one only needs a single word to describe Altar Boyz-heavenly.

Marcic's Respect Not Just For the Girls
October 25, 2006

This one is for the girls-and the boys, and the adults, and the kids...once you accept this show for what it is, you'll be in for one heck of a fun ride, complete with some of your favorite songs from the twentieth century.

Huntington's Mauritius One Pleasant Surprise After Another
October 22, 2006

From the moment the lights dimmed and the rock strains of electric guitar came pounding through the speakers, I knew that Mauritius would not be anything like what I had expected. Instead of the mundane, I was treated to a deliciously witty dark comedy that I would recommend to anyone with a taste for good theatre.

I Am My Own Wife is Theatre at its Best
September 20, 2006

Sometimes, the most fascinating stories to unfold on stage are the ones that are true...

ART's bob... Portrays the Ordinary in an Extraordinary
September 15, 2006

What do a chicken, a bathtub on wheels, a girl in a pink bikini, a bagpiper, and a stuffed deer wearing a pink tutu have in common?

'Three Sisters' is Classic Chekhov
December 3, 2005

You can love a Chekhov play or hate it, but like a fine wine or a particularly poor 'American Idol' contestant, you just can't tear yourself away. The addictive properties of a Chekhov are such that once you begin, there's no turning back, and for better or for worse, this is clearly the case with the American Repertory Theatre's production of 'Three Sisters'...

Fun-Filled "Joseph" Is Perfect Mix of Broadway and Pop
November 8, 2005

It's only fitting that a production of 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat' is nothing short of an extravaganza, and in that respect, this production of the Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice collaboration does not disappoint. Based on the last 13 chapters of Genesis, 'Joseph…'

Talent Shines but Script Lacks in 'Carol Mulroney'
November 2, 2005

Sometimes, a great actor-or even a great group of actors-can't revive a lifeless script. Even with the help of clever staging, unique lighting, original music, and a simple but effective set, the script just drags everything down and screams to be rewritten with each passing scene. This scenario is unfortunately the case with Stephen Belber's Carol Mulroney...

Lyric Presents a Surprisingly Good "Number"
October 26, 2005

Boston's Best and Brown Come Together for Oct. 24 North Shore Benefit
October 22, 2005

North Shore Music Theatre's one night only benefit performance of Jason Robert Brown's 'Songs For A New World'--Monday, October 24 at 8 PM at the John Hancock Hall (180 Berkley Street in Boston--For tickets, call 978-232-7200 or visit www.nsmt.org.

Hilarious and Heartbreaking, "Theatre District" is a Hit
October 3, 2005

SpeakEasy Stage Company opens its 15th anniversary season with the East Coast Premiere of Richard Kramer's 'Theatre District.'

Stoneham's 'Pal Joey' Lacks, Well, Everything
September 20, 2005

Stoneham Theatre kicks off their 2005-2006 season with 'Pal Joey,' the ground-breaking Rodgers and Hart musical that centers around a roguish nightclub emcee who ditches his naïve girlfriend to romance a rich older woman, who subsequently finances his lifestyle and business pursuits, until a blackmail scheme threatens to ruin them all.

You're In Good Company With 'Urinetown'
September 13, 2005

The Lyric Stage Company kicks off their thirty-first season in Boston with 'Urinetown: The Musical,' the Tony award winning show that spoofs the very best of Broadway.