Emily Holzman

Emily Holzman Emily Holzman is a junior in high school in a small town on the Massachusetts and New Hampshire border. Theatre has been a large part of her life since she was very young, and that love has only grown over the sixteen years of her life. She's been an actor since the sixth grade and has been in almost a dozen local and school productions. Her future hopefully includes teaching theatre to students and continuing to find works of theatre that inspires her daily.



BWW Review: SHE LOVES ME at Tyngsborough High SchoolBWW Review: SHE LOVES ME at Tyngsborough High School
Posted: Jan. 19, 2018

BWW Blog: Loving What Constantly Lets You DownBWW Blog: Loving What Constantly Lets You Down
Posted: Sep. 14, 2017

BWW Review: SHE LOVES ME at Tyngsborough High School
January 19, 2018

In the latest instalment of an annual Tyngsborough tradition, the town's high school theatre program puts on SHE LOVES ME as this year's dinner theatre production, which you do not want to miss. Resolve to see this show with a dear friend before the days go by!

BWW Blog: Loving What Constantly Lets You Down
September 14, 2017

Every performer hears the phrase 'no' countless times in their life, and it can really cause them to question whether or not performing is worth it, which is why reminding yourself why you perform is so important.

BWW Previews: FIDDLER ON THE ROOF at Ciampa Performing Arts Center
May 4, 2017

Almost every family and community has some sort of tradition that continues throughout the years, despite any changes the group goes through. This idea is reflected in the show Fiddler on the Roof, as many of the plot points in the show are based on traditions that the people of Anatevka don't remember the origins of. Inspired by the show, I decided to ask the cast and crew of Tyngsborough High School's production of Fiddler on the Roof what their favorite tradition has been throughout their Tyngsborough theatre career.

BWW Blog: Why Filming Broadway Shows Live Onstage is so Important
April 27, 2017

With the success of shows such as NEWSIES being filmed live onstage, it's proven that shows filmed live on stage are beneficial, so why aren't more shows doing it?