Deborah Blumenthal

Deborah Blumenthal Deborah Blumenthal originally planned on a career studying dolphin brains, but (quite logically) made the leap to theater in college, and has been proudly bridging the gap between scholastic and artistic nerds ever since. She received her BA in American Studies with a concentration in theater and performance criticism from Barnard College, where she wrote her undergraduate thesis on John Doyle?s revival of Company, and was a staff writer for the Columbia Daily Spectator?s theater section. She recently associate produced a concert staging of Jekyll & Hyde to benefit the New York Society for Ethical Culture, in which she also played trumpet with a remarkably good-looking orchestra. Deborah has additionally worked with Second Stage, The Public, Ars Nova, Broadway Bullet, Clubbed Thumb, The Playwrights Realm and Voice & Vision Theater. She shamelessly embraces her status as a revival hugging repeat offender, loves the Delacorte Theater?s baby raccoons, and is excited to be joining the BroadwayWorld reviewing team.



BWW Reviews: Fringe 2010 Review - PLATINUMBWW Reviews: Fringe 2010 Review - PLATINUM
September 2, 2010

70's nostalgia is no slouch market. But I couldn't help feeling like Platinum (the newly revised 1978 musical) at the Fringe didn't really capitalize on that.

BWW Reviews: Fringe 2010 - WHEN LAST WE FLEWBWW Reviews: Fringe 2010 - WHEN LAST WE FLEW
August 29, 2010

All you have to say is "Angels in America," and I'm there. Thankfully, When Last We Flew, Harrison David Rivers' riff on Kushner's great epic delivers in pulling the heartstrings of people who feel the same way. Not to mention that it's a perfectly timed precursor to the highly anticipated New York revival that begins performances in just a few weeks.

BWW Features: James Veitch & Site Specific TheatreBWW Features: James Veitch & Site Specific Theatre
July 22, 2010

Enter James Veitch, a fiercely intelligent theatrical jack-of-all-trades trained in the U.K. and at Sarah Lawrence here in the States, whom I met by way of an undergrad classmate, the day after watching Synecdoche, New York, at the suggestion of the aforementioned friend. (Turns out he knew what it was - just not that there was a name for it.) Synecdoche, New York focuses on an aging, ill theatre director who stages a grand-scale piece in a warehouse that expand and increasingly mimics real life. 'Synechoche' is a term for a part of something that is used to refer to its whole - i.e., the stage.

Review: OLIVER PARKER at Cherry LaneReview: OLIVER PARKER at Cherry Lane
June 7, 2010

During my first theater job in New York, I was asked to go to a reading of a play called The Mistakes Madeleine Made, by Elizabeth Meriwether. The play - about a young woman facing family tragedy and a fear of cleanliness -- ended up being produced by Naked Angels, and I've remembered it fondly for years because I enjoyed it so much. It was dark, but funny; deeply disturbed ideas somehow created infectious laughter, and it didn't feel gimmicky for a second. There was something paradoxical about how grounded Meriwether's writing made the zany premise of the story feel - and it worked. I looked forward to seeing her future endeavors.

April 5, 2010

2004 is hardly ancient history. Sure, things have changed in this country, but in many ways we're still feeling the remnants of the previous administration. We don't need it treated like a relic, or a chapter in the proverbial textbook.

NYMF: Judas and Me: Jesus is Coming! NYMF: Judas and Me: Jesus is Coming!
October 6, 2009

I feel like I've seen the token Biblical story festival show before - maybe too many times. There always seems to be one. So, forgive me for saying I was a little skeptical. But I chose to see Judas and Me on account of its multi-layered pedigree - cast, creative team, all around were packed with names I love. And maybe that's why, of all those Bible story musicals, it's definitely my favorite.

The Festival of New American Short Plays' 'Summer Shorts 3: Series A' At 59E59
August 23, 2009

This eclectic mix at The Festival of New American Short Plays is perfect for that short dog days of summer attention span.

The Pied Pipers of the Lower East Side: Utopia vs. ManhattanThe Pied Pipers of the Lower East Side: Utopia vs. Manhattan
August 11, 2009

An extended sexual family living above a vegan restaurant on Manhattan's Lower East Side must deal with the harsh realities of the world surrounding the utopian world of free expression and free love they've created in their apartment.