Andrew Anderson

Andrew Anderson Andrew Anderson (theatrereviewer2015) has been a theater and movie reviewer for various publications.



BWW Review: THE SUPPER HOUR IN HELL at the Overtime
June 6, 2016

The Supper Hour in Hell proves to be one of the most absorbing, cohesive, entertaining and satisfying plays produced by the Overtime.

BWW Review: A CHORUS LINE at the Playhouse - Carla Sankey Commands the Stage
May 31, 2016

A Chorus Line at the Playhouse overwhelmingly belongs to Carla Sankey, who choreographed the show and played the role of Sheila. A Chorus Line is very much a choreographer's show. It stands or falls by its choreography more than anything else. Carla Sankey's choreography was excellent.

BWW Review: THE GINGERBREAD LADY, Harlequin Dinner Theatre
May 27, 2016

Priscilla Craft manages to steer a fine path between comedy and pathos in The Gingerbread Lady art the Harlequin.

BWW Review: THE VAPOURS, Overtime Theatre
May 23, 2016

Good direction, good acting - particularly from the always dependable Liz Vermeulen - and an intriguing plot idea combine to hold the audience's attention in 'The Vapours' at the Overtime, in spite of some deep flaws in a play that implodes at the end under the weight of expectations and ideas that are left unresolved.

BBW Review: BORN YESTERDAY at the Classic Theatre
May 14, 2016

Greg Hinojosa is a revelation in his role as the loud-mouth junkyard tycoon Harry Brock in the ClassicTheatre production of Born Yesterday

BWW Review: MEMPHIS at the Woodlawn
April 16, 2016

Memphis at the Woodlawn proves to be more dynamic and less melodramatic than the touring production, with some excellent performances from a very talented cast.

BWW Review: MAKE ME A MUSICAL Performers Hit Comedy Heights at PASA
April 2, 2016

There are some terrific performances by a hand-picked cast in PASA's American premiere production of Make Me a Musical, a show that takes an affectionate dig at a number of classic musicals.

BWW Review: THE TEMPEST, Palmetto Center, Northwest Vista College
March 12, 2016

Marx Brothers, line dancing and drag add spice to Palmetto production of The Tempest

BWW Review: Disappointing JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, Playhouse
March 5, 2016

There was some good singing, some good performances - particularly from Joshua Goldberg as Pilate and James Welch as Herod - plus some good staging ideas in the Playhouse production of Jesus Christ Superstar. So why was this production such a letdown - reflected in the tepid applause from the audience at the end?

BWW Review: RUTHLESS is Top Notch Entertainment
February 27, 2016

'Ruthless!' at PASA is one of the best-directed and best-performed musicals I have seen in San Antonio. While the show cannot compete with the lavish production values of the Woodlawn and the Playhouse, it more than makes up for it in the inventiveness of Vaughn Taylor's direction and the quality of the performers.

February 26, 2016

In the Trinity Theatre production of 'How I Learned to Drive', Dallas Akins and Sarah Tipton delivered strong performances in the lead roles of Uncle Peck and his niece 'Li'l Bit' in this everyday tale of incest and pedophilia in what I imagine to be somewhere in Appalachia.

BWW Review: THE SEAGULL at Classic Theatre Of San Antonio
February 22, 2016

A strong cast and fine direction by Allan Ross served up an almost pitch perfect production of Anton Chekhov's first and most autobiographical play, The Seagull.

BWW Review: THE AMISH PROJECT at Carlos Alvarez Studio Theater
February 12, 2016

Having a single actor playing seven different characters of varying ages and sexes, coupled with a story that jumps around on a constantly fluctuating narrative thread, and you could have a theatrical disaster on your hands.