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Student Blog: Lessons I've Learned from Theater and How They've Been Helping Me This Year

Changing as a person has to do with life, knowledge and personal experiences but also art. Here I want to share with you how this last one has impacted my life this year.

Student Blog: Lessons I've Learned from Theater and How They've Been Helping Me This Year

I've never been a school enthusiast really. Don't get me wrong, I like going to campus and all that stuff but since the pandemic I realize that there were many things that I should have enjoyed more. I was able to return to my campus this semester and I've started to change as a student and also as a person.

Of course it has to do with life, knowledge and personal experiences but also art. Talking about theater, I've been involved more in this world and with that I've learned something new each day I spend in that magical place. So here I want to share those lessons that theater has taught me this year and eventually helped me:

1.-Theater is an industry of people: As in every industry, theater works because of every single person that is part of this huge team and that is something you don't fully understand until you're part of it. People that have little knowledge about how theater works might think that there are just actors, actresses, the director, sometimes musicians and probably that's it; but actually there's so much more. The ones that work with sound, art, costumes, scenography, choreography, marketing, stage and much more. We're wrong if we think that seeing a play is just seeing what's on stage, it's the result of every single person that does their job for the play or musical to be the exact same thing as the night before, eight times a week for months.

2.- Always listen to your heart: There are stories that we may have seen on stage because the creators had big dreams. Artists are lucky to create but the path out there it's not easy to cross. I've known many people who wanted to do something related to the arts but their parents didn't let them. Eventually they stopped listening to them and followed their hearts and now they are happy doing what they really love. Of course it's not easy, but it's worth it and there will always be people that laugh or think you're crazy for trying, my best advice is: ignore them; if you want to be a songwriter go for it, if you want to act do it, if you want to write then write and don't ask or apologize for it, find the way to do what your six year old self wanted.

3.- Everyone has a superpower: I started doing theater just a couple of months ago but on my first day of class, my teacher told everyone that he always says that "Everyone has a superpower". Meaning that some abilities may be seen as ordinary but in specific context or situation, it can be a superpower and that's something we have to discover in things we do day by day. In my case I'm working on that while I try different roles in this industry I'm entering and at the beginning it's hard because there are many things you need to learn but that's also part of the process. The key is to try, maybe fail from time to time, learn and work hard so you show to the world that you are more special and actually can bring something special to the world.

4.- You have to give your 100% in everything that you do: If you're part of a show, you can't wait to the opening night to really to give everything, it's a process and to develop your superpower, you have to start with your 100% and for the big day you'll be giving 200% or 300% of your effort, which is what the play needs. Life is like that, you have to try everyday to achieve what you want and that will be the only way to be better at something. Also helps how much you're willing to do to learn from others and from yourself.

5.- Your team might become your family: In movies we usually saw that the drama club is like a cult (in a funny way of course) and it's kinda true. No matter if you're from the ensemble, a main character, someone from the audio team, someone from the costume department, etc. You're at the end, part of that huge team that works hard everyday to put on a show. The best part is that you get to know the people you work with, become friends and if you're lucky enough, you might create stronger bonds and become a family. Some people say that you can't work with your friends but if they're the right ones, your life's gonna be easier and you'll enjoy more what you do.

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