Publisher And Illustrator Sebastian Schug Expands Children's Book Series, 'The Adventure's Of Daniel'

Publisher And Illustrator Sebastian Schug Expands Children's Book Series, 'The Adventure's Of Daniel'

Sebastian Schug is expanding his book series entitled, "The Adventures of Daniel" as an illustrator, along with author Rene Ghazarian to complete the entire series by the conclusion of this year. Ghazarian and Schug have plans to begin book signings later this year as well. "The Adventures of Daniel" is a children's book series, tackling morals and ethics. It was first published through Author House and has made its' way to many major retailers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks and more than several others. Sebastian Schug discussed "Adventures of Daniel" as being his main project to complete in 2019, along with several independent book projects. Schug also continued to work on behalf of up and coming authors to assist them with publishing their books with major retailers. Currently Sebastian Schug has many credits to his name as an author, illustrator and publisher, with a goal to complete a total of 100 published books by the time he turns 21. As someone who started illustrating, writing and publishing many novellas since the age of 18, amassing a significant number of published books already, it is of no surprise that his advice to authors is, "get started, if one is a writer and inspired by writing, then one must write."

In a recent interview, Sebastian Schug continued his sentiment and sound advice, "I see numerous "would-be" authors and artists with such amazing potential for both storytelling and visualization alike. The only element that they are missing includes the proper know-how in terms of how to publish. Understandable, at times self-doubt or lack of motivation can set in, even for some of the most talented people." Paraphrasing Schug, it's important that those who are inspired to write put pen to paper and do so. Concluding, "art within a published medium shouldn't be held to the standard at which you arbitrarily write dependent on others subjectivity regarding what they like and don't like. You must write what you would like to write." According to an industry colleague, adding to Schug's advice, "the more one writes the more this ability is refined and comes to fruition. Hone your craft. Tell your story and write."

Schug's website which is, in terms of the creation of the name itself, it stemmed from a phrase inspired by a "dear childhood friend of mine, states Schug, promoting a sort of pseudo-charitable entity in regards to book publishing. Specifically what I mean by that is that it's "an affordable, cost and time effective method that differs from traditional brick and mortar publishing." In short, Schug describes his services to authors as a methodology meant to provide an ease and effectiveness through publishing. "This is not always or often experienced when authors pitch their manuscripts via the boutique services found within traditional publishing." Sebastian Schug assists authors with publishing regardless of genre, tone and he does not base his willingness to assist authors on the number of books that they have already published or the number of years writing, for example. Schug states, "I truly have no definition of a perceived perfect client; however, there are authors with their respective manuscripts who may certainly align to what my interests in publishing represent.

Schug describes working with fictional writers in the genre of political and satirical writing "taking a bit of precedence," yet he truly considers working with all authors in a variety of genres. "There is definitely a juxtaposition between what I work on as an author and illustrator." Sebastian Schug is a contributor, illustrator and publisher of the children's series, "The Adventures of Daniel." Schug also publishes satire under his pen name Nicholas Parker. So, "of course, states Schug, I have a range in terms of content and the writers whom I can confidently represent as their publisher."

Some additional encouragement from author, illustrator and publisher Schug, "In publishing, there are so many unforeseen elements that one has to simply experience to believe. Many of my most cherished memories ultimately arose from so-called situations that could be perceived as "failure." The reality in publishing is that some retailers may not initially accept your work regardless of content." Continuing, "Veteran authors, illustrators and publishers expect this, states Schug, so it's not that disappointing." His best advice, when an author encounters resistance with certain retailers in terms of carrying one's book; try again, perhaps use a different service to become published with certain retailers, and utilize appropriate distribution software. One can also speak with an individual who has prominent connections and experience, to work toward publishing your book accordingly and in an effort to gain the most reach for one's work.

Don't give up, most of all write and try until you succeed with getting your work published. Publishers, in this case such as Sebastian Schug are happy to guide up and coming, talented authors through the publishing process, to perpetuate his client's work.

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