Photo Coverage: Shout! The Mod Musical Opens in FL

From the shag carpeting in the Rinker Playhouse lobby to the mini dresses worn by the characters onstage, the Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts transported audiences back to the 1960s when it premiered Shout! The Mod Musical on June 13. The ultra retro Jetsetter Lounge in Lake Worth provided an apt backdrop for an opening night party following the debut performance.

Shout! "flips through the years like a musical magazine, tracking five young women as they come of age during the liberating days of the 1960s that made England swing. It is a non-stop journey through the infectious and soulful pop anthems and ballads that made household names of stars like Petula Clark, Dusty Springfield and Lulu," state press notes.

In keeping with the British theme of the evening, cast members arrived at the opening night party in a caravan of colorful Mini Coopers from Braman Motorcars. The five actresses along with producers, creators and crew members of Shout! mingled with theatergoers who had attended the premiere earlier in the evening in the Kravis Center's Rinker Playhouse. Among the VIPs in the audience were West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel, Kravis Center Vice-Chairman Bill Meyer and his wife, Denise, Shout! producers Victoria Lang, Mark Schwartz and Brent Peek, and Kravis Center Senior Director of Programming Lee Bell. Jetsetter owner Mike Jones and his staff hosted the opening night party.

Shout! continues through July 2 at the Kravis Center. From here, it will move to the Julia Miles Theatre in New York, where it is scheduled to open on July 11. Visit for tickets.

The women of Shout! The Mod Musical

Marie-France Arcilla (the Blue Girl) arriving in her Mini Cooper

Julie Dingman-Evans (The Orange Girl) arriving in her Mini Cooper

Erica Schroeder (The Green Girl) arriving in her Mini Cooper

Erin Crosby (the Yellow Girl) arriving in her Mini Cooper

Marie-France Arcillia, Erica Schroeder and companions

Denise Summerford and Philip George

Denise Summerford, Erica Schroeder, Erin Crosby, Marie-France Arcilla and Julie Dingman-Evans

The Shout! girls arrive at the opening night party

Erica Schroeder, Marie France-Arcilla, Erin Crosby, Julie Dingman-Evans and Denise Summerford

Philip George (Director) and husband Justin

Denise Summerford, Erin Crosby, Mark Schwartz, Marie-France Arcilla and Erica Schroeder

Sloan Just (Dance Captain) and David Lowenstein (Choreographer)

Erin Crosby, Denise Summerford, Mike Jones (Owner, Jetsetter Lounge),
Julie Dingman-Evans, Marie-France Arcilla and Erica Schroeder

Lee Bell, Brian Bixler, Victoria Lang, and Orin Wolf

Jack Rogers, Dolly Rogers, and Tony Meola (Sound Designer)

Scott Newsome (Company Manager) and Julie Dingman-Evans

Scott Newsome (Company Manager), Tony Speciale (Assistant Director),
Brent Peek (General Manager), and Shaun Garrett

Erin Crosby, Marie-France Arcilla, Victoria Lang and husband Tony Baarda,
Erica Schroeder, Julie Dingman-Evans, and Denise Summerford

Marie-France Arcilla, Erin Crosby, Scott Newsome (Company Manager),
Erica Schroeder, Julie Dingman-Evans, and Denise Summerford

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