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PHOTO/VIDEO: New Jersey High School Stages Visually Stunning Adaptation of ALIEN

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A high school in New Jersey has taken the internet by storm with their stage production of Alien.

Photos from the stage adaptation of the film, performed by North Bergen High School Drama Club, surfaced on social media, thanks to Paul Owens. The photos caused the production to create quite a buzz across the internet.

The famous "facehugger" scene from the movie was recreated on stage, and happened to be captured by a parent.

Another video was captured by Andrew Fernandez, who posted about his awe of the production to Twitter.

The social media content caused the production to blow up, and get picked up by multiple media outlets. Even the official Alien Twitter account retweeted the photos, saying they were impressed.

Entertainment Weekly chatted with some of the creatives for the play, who gave some insight into their inspiration and just how the show was developed.

"My inspiration was just that I'm a huge fan of the movie," said the school's drama teacher, Perfecto Cuervo. He said he spent two months of his nights and weekends adapting Alien: The Play from the film's screenplay.

The school's art instructor, Steven Defendini said that the play was a collaboration between three teachers, and 16 students.

"We're a real small drama program, so we're used to doing small plays for the local community," he said.

Defendini said that he and his team used recycled materials to make the visually stunning set and costumes, including making the Xenomorph costume from a standard morph suit, some foam, and a plastic skeleton head.

Read more on EW.

Earlier this month, the students created a trailer for the production, which can be seen below:

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