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On BWW's Theatre Business Podcast 'The OHenry Report,' The Complicated Process of Streaming Live Theatre

On BWW's Theatre Business Podcast 'The OHenry Report,' The Complicated Process of Streaming Live Theatre

On the fourth episode of BroadwayWorld's new theatre business podcast, "The OHenry Report," Broadway producer and investor Oliver Henry Roth talks to three of the industry leaders when it comes to capturing theatre and the performing arts for distribution in movie theatres, on TV, and online.

First, Oliver talks to Themis Gomes, the CEO of Cennarium, one of the largest streaming services for the performing arts. This week, on September 15th, Cennarium will open the first ever Streaming Performing Arts festival, the Promenade Festival.

Promenade Festival
Twitter: @cennarium

Then, Oliver brings things back to Broadway by chatting with Broadway producer and BroadwayHD co-creator Stewart F. Lane. A six-time Tony-winning producer, Lane had been dreaming of, and experimenting in, capturing live theatre for more than two decades, and with the launch of BroadwayHD in 2015, he has made the practice common and almost expected in an industry that previously viewed it as impossible.
Twitter: @BroadwayHD

Finally, Oliver talks with one of the most innovative Broadway producers who kicked-off streaming in the New York Theatre community. In 2015, Ken Davenport live-streamed his Off-Broadway show "Daddy Long Legs," making it the first theatrical piece to be live-streamed online from a Broadway or Off-Broadway theatre.

Ken's Blog: The Producer's Perspective
Twitter: @kendavenport

Listen to the latest episode here:

On BWW's Theatre Business Podcast 'The OHenry Report,' The Complicated Process of Streaming Live TheatreAbout Oliver Henry Roth: Roth is a theater producer based in New York. His producing credits include Broadway's upcoming ESCAPE TO MARGARITAVILLE and GETTING THE BAND BACK TOGETHER and Off-Broadway's STRAIGHT and INVISIBLE THREAD. He has previously worked on Broadway's THE REALISTIC JONESES and MACBETH. In addition to producing independently, Roth works with several non-profits in helping them develop new works and support emerging theater artists.

With Roth's unique approach to producing, he will discuss how production teams integrate data analytics into their projects, and what that means for their bottomline. Roth also uses trends and historical data to provide some of the most accurate Tony Awards predictions in the business.

Outside of New York, Roth has worked for Center Stage (MD), and the Buck Hill Skytop Music Festival (PA). He currently writes "The Broadway Beat," a monthly column in The Connector Magazine.

In 2011, Roth was awarded the American Marketing Association's Marketing Excellence Award. He founded OHenry Productions in 2014, shortly after working on his first Broadway show, MACBETH (Alan Cumming). For more information on Roth and OHenry Productions, visit their website at

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