Jenn Colella, Chilina Kennedy, Jay Armstrong Johnson, Jelani Remy & More to be Featured in THE RAINBOW LULLABY Album

The album will be available on Thursday October 28th.

By: Sep. 21, 2021
Jenn Colella, Chilina Kennedy, Jay Armstrong Johnson, Jelani Remy & More to be Featured in THE RAINBOW LULLABY Album

Broadway Records announced today the release of THE RAINBOW LULLABY, the world's first LGBTQ lullaby album. Conceived by Ryan Bauer-Walsh, the recording includes songs by fifteen LGBTQIA+ writers including Bauer-Walsh, Marc Shaiman (Hairspray) and Debra Barsha (Radiant Baby), with performances by over thirty LGBTQIA+ artists including Broadway stars Matt Doyle, Jenn Collela, Jay Armstrong Johnson, Chilina Kennedy, Caitlin Kinnunen, Michael Longoria, Kyle Dean Massey, Lauren Patten, Jelani Remy, Chris & Clay Rice-Thomson, Marissa Rosen and Marty Thomas. The album will be available on Thursday October 28th wherever digital music is sold and on

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The creation of Queer cultural family music traditions is part of the constructive path forward to equality and representation. Ryan Bauer-Walsh conceived the project in memory of his mother, Nancy, as a way to continue her legacy of maternal strength, kindness and love.

THE RAINBOW LULLABY features performances by Michael Buchanan (The Book of Mormon), Ryan Bauer-Walsh (Billy Elliot), Klea Blackhurst (Party Face), Jonathan Burke (The Inheritance), Jamie Cepero ("Smash") Tony Award nominee and Drama Desk winner Jenn Collela (Come From Away), Madge Dietrich (Kinky Boots), Matt Doyle (Company), Christine Dwyer (Wicked), Taylor Frey (The View Upstairs), Zachary James (The Addams Family), Natalie Joy Johnson (Kinky Boots), Jay Armstrong Johnson (Our Town), Aury Krebs (A Letter To Harvey Milk), Chilina Kennedy (Beautiful: The Carole King Musical), Tony Award nominee Caitlin Kinnunen (The Prom), Jo Lampert (Hundred Days), L. Morgan Lee (A Strange Loop), Richie Leone, Michael Longoria (Jersey Boys), Kyle Dean Massey (Wicked), John Charles Mclaughlin (Crackskull Row), Susie Mosher (Hairspray), Shakina Nayfack (Musical Theatre Factory), Kyler O'Neal (Pity Party), Lauren Patten (Jagged Little Pill), Ernie Pruneda (Sister Act), Jelani Remy (Ain't Too Proud), Chris Rice-Thomson (Pretty Woman), Clay Rice-Thomson (Matilda), Marissa Rosen (Kristin Chenoweth: For The Girls), Marty Thomas (Wicked), Katie Thompson (R.R.R.E.D.) and The First Presbyterian Church of New York City Choir.

THE RAINBOW LULLABY includes songs by writers who all identify as LGBTQIA+, including Tony, Oscar and Grammy Award winner Marc Shaiman (Hairspray, Catch Me If You Can), Jonathan Larson Performing Arts Award winner Debra Barsha (Radiant Baby), Ryan Bauer-Walsh (Three Men In A Boat), Michelle Chamuel (The Voice), Bobby Cronin (Mary & Max), Amanda D'Archangelis (Single Rider), Emmy nominee David Dabbon (Last Week Tonight with John Oliver), award-winning composer/pianist Yaz Fukuoka, Andrew Gerle (Meet John Doe), Mark Hartman (Magic To Do), Paul Loesel (LMNOP), Jason Ma (Gold Mountain), Dionne McClain Freeney (The Sugar Hill Sisters), Adam Overett (My Life Is A Musical), Arri Simon and Janine McGuire (Express), Susie Mosher (Hairspray), Larson Award recipient Zoe Sarnak (A Crossing), Fred Sauter (Bedbugs!!) and Lucas Tahiruzzman Syed (The Brontës).

"Music is one of the first things babies respond to, especially the human voice," said composer Paul Losel. "Hearing a lullaby that corresponds to a baby's LGBTQ fathers or mothers is something that was missing before this beautiful album and it will assist in creating the nurturing and loving bond between them."

"'Family' is a loaded word for the queer community", said compuser Lucas Tahiruzzaman, "and one that we've constantly redefined and reclaimed - from ballroom houses and nightlife communities to closely interdependent units of friends; therefore we have, perhaps, an even greater depth of experience from which to show not only our children- but all children- the meaning of 'family'."

"Writing a tune for THE RAINBOW LULLABY was nothing short of magical, " said composer Amanda D'Archangelis. "I always assumed I'd write songs for my family and that's where it would end. The thought that other Mommies will sing this song to their babies touches my heart. As queer families grow, so should the content. It's so wonderful to feel seen and understood."

"Representation matters," said performer Marty Thomas. "To hear the term queer family music -as a kid - would have been beyond profound for me. I'm proud to be a small part of a forward thinking movement of art and inclusivity."

Proceeds from THE RAINBOW LULLABY support the Ali Forney Center, whose mission is to protect LGBTQ+ youths from the harms of homelessness and empower them with the tools needed to live independently.

THE RAINBOW LULLABY is produced by Ryan Bauer-Walsh, Fred Sauter and Yasuhiko Fukoka, with audio engineering, mixing and mastering by Yasuhiko Fukuoka,


1) The Rainbow Lullaby - Madge Dietrich (Lyrics & Music: Ryan Bauer-Walsh)

2) The Ferris Wheel - Klea Blackhurst (Lyrics: Ryan Bauer-Walsh, Music: Ryan Bauer-Walsh & Mark Hartman, Arranger: Mark Hartman)

3) Family Means - Kyle Dean Massey, Taylor Frey, Jenn Colella, Chilina Kennedy (Lyrics & Music: Paul Loesel)

4) Don't you Cry - Ernie Pruneda, Richie Leone (Lyrics & Music: Fred Sauter)

5) Two Mama Flamingos - Christine Dwyer (Lyrics & Music: Michelle Chamuel and David Dabbon)

6) Go To Sleep - Chris and Clay Rice-Thomson (Lyrics & Music: Fred Sauter)

7) A Little Boat - Katie Thompson, Natalie Joy Johnson and The First Presbyterian Church of New York City Choir conducted by Michael Shake (Lyrics & Music: Ryan Bauer-Walsh)

8) Rain, Rain, Rain - Shakina Nayfack, Kyler O'neal (Lyrics & Music: Fred Sauter)

9) There's a Bunny on the Moon - Aury Krebs (Lyrics & Music: Jason Ma)

10) As Bright as a Star - Jealni Remy (Lyrics & Music: Bobby Cronin)

11) Baby My Baby - Ryan Bauer-Walsh, Jonathan Charles Mclaughlin (Lyrics & Music: Ryan Bauer-Walsh)

12) A Big Day - Caitlin Kinnunen (Lyrics & Music: Ryan Bauer-Walsh Music, Amanda D'archangelis)

13) Best Friends - Marty Thomas, Marissa Rosen (Lyrics & Music: Ryan Bauer-Walsh, Arranger: Mark Hartman)

14) Hide and Seek - Matt Doyle (Lyrics & Music: Andrew Gerle)

15) When We Dreamed of You - Ryan Bauer-Walsh (Lyrics: Ryan Bauer-Walsh, Music: Yasuhiko Fukuoka)

16) Stronger together - Michael Buchanan (Lyrics: Ryan Bauer-Walsh, Music: Mark Hartman)

17) Dream Away - Jay Armstrong Johnson (Lyrics & Music: Adam Overett)

18) You'll Have a New Day Tomorrow - Ryan Bauer-Walsh (Lyrics & Music: Ryan Bauer-Walsh)

19) Mommy and Mama - Jo Lampert (Lyrics & Music: Debra Barsha)

20) The Dream - L. Morgan Lee (Lyrics & Music: Arri Simon and Janine McGuire)

21) Tiny Cloud - Zachary James (Lyrics: Ryan Bauer-Walsh, Music: Lucas Tahiruzzaman Syed)

22) The Beautiful Son - Jamie Cepero, Jonathan Burke (Lyrics & Music: Dionne McClain Freeney)

23) You Are Home - Michael Longoria (Lyrics & Music: Ryan Bauer-Walsh, Arranger: Mark Hartman)

24) Home of Three - Lauren Patten, Jo Lampert (Lyrics & Music: Zoe Sarnak)

25) Your Own Sweet Family - Susie Mosher (Lyrics: Marc Shaiman & Susie Mosher, Music: Marc Shaiman)