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BWW Blog: That's the End of That!

BWW Blog: That's the End of That!

So this is my last article! At least, this is my last article for now. By the time this is posted, I'll be done with all my finals! This semester has been truly wild. It really went by quicker than I thought. I'm still not in the holiday spirit and it's probably too late for that since Christmas is in a few days. I've spent so much time in the city and it's been fun seeing all the holiday displays and store windows. I'm just really ready for rest because I'm tired like everyone else is.

So out of all my finals, I only failed one. That was entirely my fault. I'm one of those people that get really bad test anxiety. I won't eat or sleep because of it. I also have a habit of blanking during the exams. That's exactly what happened to me on Tuesday. That and also not knowing the material as well as I should have really didn't help me. It also didn't make me feel good because it was my major related course final.

I have so much to prove to people. After failing that exam, I genuinely thought about changing my major. I wasn't comfortable with myself actually admitting that I had trouble with the exams in that class. It wasn't just the final because I also did poorly on the midterm. I was able to handle the rest of the course material though. I have a habit of overthinking as well. I won't fail the course which is great, but I won't get the 4.0 gpa I was hoping for.

Disregarding that one exam, I did fairly well this semester. It's really easy for me to cancel out all the other hard work that I did just because of one exam. I'm going to fail at things. I'm not going to be perfect at them. Sometimes I need to remind myself that a failure is just a lesson for learning and growing. I learn from the error and then I make sure I take the necessary steps to make sure it doesn't happen again.

I'm excited for the break. I'm going to be productive for once and start my internship. BroadwayCon is really soon. I won't be commuting so early at the amazing time of 5 am every day. Things will be different. Things will be better. I'm really excited.

I've had so much fun writing these. This isn't goodbye. I'll be back at some point. I just have to see where the wind takes me.

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