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BWW Blog: Bringing HAMILTON Home

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If you're like me and the pandemic has made seeing a stage, let alone being on one, practically impossible, you have probably been excited about the release of 'Hamilton' on Disney+ on July 3rd. Once the announcement was made my phone buzzed to life as it seemed every person in my contacts texted me to ensure I knew, and a few of those friends asked if we could watch it together, but in a pandemic how would we do that?

The easiest way for friends to get together, but stay separate is to do an outdoor movie night! Now there are plenty of tutorials online for making an at home projector where you can stream the show from your smartphone and have it project onto a sheet, fence, or even the side of your house in your backyard.

If getting crafty is a little outside your comfort zone, have each of your friends bring a device to the watch party, then connect one device to a bluetooth speaker so everyone can hear the same audio and ensure all the other devices are muted, then press play together so everyone can have their own personal screen to watch the action, but without the audio being all over the place.

Even with the possibility of keeping your distance, meeting up even with one friend might be as impossible as seeing a live show. Maybe you're immunocompromised, live with someone who is, have curfews to follow, or perhaps you live in the middle of nowhere with no other theatre friends to speak of, whatever the case is, you too can enjoy a special theatre night (even if it's by yourself).

I would argue that the best way to make a movie night special is focussing on atmosphere, make a blanket fort, or crowd your couch with the most fun blankets and pillows you own, throw on your favourite comfy clothes (or even some 'Hamilton' cosplay if that's up your alley), prepare with some fun snacks or even treat yourself with some delivery from your favourite local business, turn the lights out, sit back and get ready for a fun and safe night in at home. After you watch the show you can always facetime with your friends to discuss your favourite songs, the moments you didn't expect, and more!

No matter where you are in the world or who you are with, theatre brings people together, and there is no better way or better time to come together than now. There's no denying the impact 'Hamilton' had, and continues to have on the theatre community today, and in trying times like these this production will hopefully be able to remind us of where we are, where we started, and where we will one day hopefully be again.

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From This Author Student Blogger: Olive Elzinga