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BWW Album Review: Don't Be Afraid to RIDE THE CYCLONE of Life

The World Premiere Cast Recording is out now!

BWW Album Review: Don't Be Afraid to RIDE THE CYCLONE of Life

You've been warned: This is one trip you'll never forget!

Ride the Cyclone: World Premiere Cast Recording was recently released through digital and streaming formats via Ghostlight Records. The show features book, music, and lyrics by Jacob Richmond and Brooke Maxwell and the album is produced by Brooke Maxwell, who also serves as music director and conductor, and provides arrangements and orchestrations. Kevin McCollum and Morris Berchard are the executive producers.

Humorous, heartbreaking, and chock full of imagination, this story delivers surprises at every turn. Picture this! The lives of six teenagers from a Canadian chamber choir are cut short in a freak accident aboard a roller coaster and a mechanical fortune-teller invites each to tell their story of a life interrupted, offering the chance to come to terms with their fates. Ride the Cyclone ultimately reveals the beauty of survival and just how powerful the human spirit is - in spite of the unknown. That's half the fun, right?

The cast includes Lillian Castillo, Chaz Duffy, Scott Redmond, Jacob Richmond, Emily Rohm, Tiffany Tatreau, Kholby Wardell, and Brooke Maxwell, as well as a super talented vocal ensemble.

This high-energy and quirky musical offers different perspectives and life experiences, with the tunes to match! The listener's first introduction to Karnak, the mysterious fortune teller, opens with the alluring tune, "Karnak's Dream of Life" - setting the stage for the adventures to come. It is theatrical and creates suspense, with an air of enchantment, about the circle of life. Karnak comes in shortly after to welcome us, providing insight into his personality and philosophies.

"What the World Needs" is one of the most notable tracks on the album that will make your toes instantly start tapping and raise your spirits! While life can be scary and unexpected at times, it can also be humorous and lighthearted. Sometimes it makes such a difference to laugh and be silly - allowing space for positivity and good times. Take a second to listen to the lyrics on this one, as it provides a lens for this unpredictable roller coaster ride and an opportunity to ponder the deeper messages.

"Every Story's Got a Lesson" showcases an entertaining chorus of voices that debate the purpose of storytelling and if morals are always required. It's witty and inquisitive - insisting that buried underneath of the details and struggles, there has to be a nugget of wisdom to take away from it all. Otherwise, what's the point?

Wrapping this one-of-a-kind show up neatly is "It's Not A Game/It's Just A Ride." This emotional song reflects on the ride as a whole. It acknowledges all of the stops along the way - - the happy ones; the exciting ones; the heartbreaking ones; and everything in between. It's important to stop, take a look around, and let everything seep in. It also begs the question: What happens next? Karnak sheds some light on not being able to provide the answer but encouraging us all to "Ride the Cyclone." It may not be perfect, but just like life, our stories will be there to teach us and direct us on the right path. "It's Not a Game/It's Just a Ride" brings the fun back to the center to alleviate some of the fear and anxiety that can along with the unknown. This uplifting blend of voices comes through for an optimistic finish and reminds us that the world will keep spinning and to take all things in stride.

So, who's ready to ride this thing again?

Originally developed and created in Canada with Victoria BC's Atomic Vaudeville, Ride the Cyclone toured across Canada twice to Intrepid Theatre, The SummerWorks Theatre Festival, The Belfry Theatre, The Arts Club Theatre Company (PuSh International Theatre Festival), The Yukon Arts Centre, The Citadel Theatre, The Manitoba Theatre Centre, Persephone Theatre, and Theatre Passe Muraille. It transferred to New York's MCC Theater Off Broadway, Seattle's 5th Avenue Theatre, Atlanta's Alliance Theatre, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, and Minneapolis's Jungle Theater.

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