Albert Guinovart y Pau Miró se apuntan al ‘VIATGE A LA LLUNA' de Xavier Montsalvatge y Josep Maria Espinàs

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Fernando Solla Rosell Fernando Solla was born in Barcelona (1984). He has a college degree in Media Studies from UAB (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) with orientations to cultural and literary journalism, mass communication semiotics, critical discourse analysis and persuasive speech. He has been a prompt theatergoer since the age of 12, both musical and text theatre. He’s attended almost all the musical shows in Barcelona, Madrid and London since 2004 and he’s very proud to live in the city where is set the Teatre Lliure, one of his favorite spaces in the whole world. From the first time he visited Broadway Fernando knew he would be a part of it and he’s sure he will someday. He firmly believes in theatre as a way of life, learning and exchange of wisdom and musical theatre is at the top of his believing. As Fernando always says: "If you ever need someone to talk to, go find a little Sondheim."

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