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Actor (Musical) Jerry Orbach Promises, Promises
Actor (Musical) Herschel Bernardi Zorba
Actor (Musical) Jack Cassidy Maggie Flynn
Actor (Musical) Joel Grey George M!
Actor (Play) James Earl Jones The Great White Hope
Actor (Play) Art Carney Lovers
Actor (Play) Alec McGowen Hadrian VII
Actor (Play) Donald Pleasence The Man in the Glass Booth
Actress (Musical) Angela Lansbury Dear World
Actress (Musical) Maria Karnilova Zorba
Actress (Musical) Dorothy Loudon The Fig Leaves Are Falling
Actress (Musical) Jill O'Hara Promises, Promises
Actress (Play) Julie Harris Forty Carats
Actress (Play) Estelle Parsons Seven Descents of Myrtle
Actress (Play) Charlotte Rae Morning, Noon and Night
Actress (Play) Brenda Vaccaro The Goodbye People
Choreographer Joe Layton George M!
Choreographer Sammy Bayes Canterbury Tales
Choreographer Ronald Field Zorba
Choreographer Michael Bennett Promises, Promises
Costume Designer Loudon Sainthill Canterbury Tales
Costume Designer Michael Annals Morning, Noon and Night
Costume Designer Robert Fletcher Hadrian VII
Costume Designer Patricia Zipprodt Zorba
Director (Musical) Peter Hunt 1776
Director (Musical) Robert Moore Promises, Promises
Director (Musical) Tom O'Horgan Hair
Director (Musical) Harold Prince Zorba
Director (Play) Peter Dews Hadrian VII
Director (Play) Joseph Hardy Play it Again, Sam
Director (Play) Harold Pinter The Man in the Glass Booth
Director (Play) Michael A. Schultz Does a Tiger Wear a Necktie?
Featured Actor (Musical) Ronald Holgate 1776
Featured Actor (Musical) A. Larry Haines Promises, Promises
Featured Actor (Musical) Edward Winter Promises, Promises
Featured Actor (Play) Al Pacino Does a Tiger Wear a Necktie?
Featured Actor (Play) Richard Castellano Lovers and Other Strangers
Featured Actor (Play) Anthony Roberts Play it Again, Sam
Featured Actor (Play) Louis Zorich Hadrian VII
Featured Actress (Musical) Marian Mercer Promises, Promises
Featured Actress (Musical) Sandy Duncan Canterbury Tales
Featured Actress (Musical) Lorraine Serabian Zorba
Featured Actress (Musical) Virginia Vestoff 1776
Featured Actress (Play) Jane Alexander The Great White Hope
Featured Actress (Play) Diane Keaton Play it Again, Sam
Featured Actress (Play) Lauren Jones Does a Tiger Wear a Necktie?
Featured Actress (Play) Anna Manahan Lovers
Musical 1776

Produced by Stuart Ostrow

Musical Hair

Produced by Michael Butler

Musical Promises, Promises

Produced by David Merrick

Musical Zorba

Produced by Harold Prince

Play The Great White Hope

By Howard Sackler. Produced by Herman Levin.

Play Hadrian VII

By Peter Luke. Produced by Lester Osterman Productions, Bill Freedman, and Charles Kasher.

Play Lovers

By Brian Friel. Produced by Helen Bonfils and Morton Gottlieb.

Play The Man in the Glass Booth

By Robert Shaw. Produced by Glasshouse Productions and Peter Bridge, Ivor David Balding & Associates Ltd., and Edward M. Meyers with Leslie Ogden.

Scenic Designer Boris Aronson Zorba
Scenic Designer Derek Cousins Canterbury Tales
Scenic Designer Jo Mielziner 1776
Scenic Designer Oliver Smith Dear World
Special Tony Awards The National Theatre Company of Great Britain
Special Tony Awards The Negro Ensemble Company
Special Tony Awards Rex Harrison
Special Tony Awards Leonard Bernstein
Special Tony Awards Carol Burnett


The Petrified Forest in San FranciscoThe Petrified Forest
Firescape Theatre
(Runs 2/19 - 3/26)
Berkeley Repertory Theatre
(Runs 2/19 - 4/3)
Buyer & Cellar
The New Conservatory Theatre Center
(Runs 3/18 - 4/24)
Into the Woods  in San FranciscoInto the Woods
Evert Person Theatre - Sonoma State University
(Runs 2/4 - 2/14)
The How and the Why
Aurora Theatre Company
(Runs 3/18 - 4/24)