WEST SIDE STORY - Riverside Center Theater Non Equity Auditions

Posted: February 24, 2014
Audition Location: Fredericksburg, VA

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West Side Story

Book by Arthur Laurents
Music by Leonard Bernstein
Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim

Director: Jay Brock
Choreographer: Shawna Walker

Rehearsals traditionally run Sunday through Wednesday nights, 6:30-11pm. This schedule is subject to change. Rehearsals will begin early April.
Performances will run
June 13 – Aug 3

Auditions will be:
Tuesday, Mar 18
Sign-ups begin at 6:00 pm
Auditions start at 6:30 pm

Wednesday, Mar 19
Sign-ups begin at 6:00 pm
Auditions start at 6:30 pm


Riverside Dinner Theater
95 Riverside Parkway
Fredericksburg, VA 22406

For auditions, please prepare 32 bars of a traditional Broadway style song in the style of the show. Please bring a headshot, or recent photograph, and a resume. Auditions will be seen in the order in which you sign up, so please do not contact Riverside for an audition time.

The performance schedule is as follows:
Wednesday matinees at 1:30pm; Thursday through Saturday evenings at 8pm
Sunday matinees at 3pm

If you have any questions, feel free to call Carole Shrader (Production Mgr.) at 540-842-0203. Video submissions (with headshot, resume, and video links) can be sent to

Character Breakdowns:

RIFF - (Tenor) The driving, intelligent yet slightly wacky current leader of the Jets.
TONY - (Tenor) The best friend of Riff and former Jet leader who has who has outgrown the Jets and turned to an honest life . He is good-looking, self assured, and passionate.
BERNARDO - (Baritone) The handsome, proud, fluid, leader of the Sharks with a sardonic chip on his shoulder. On the surface, he is a seemingly cool character. But inside, he is filled with passion and anger.
MARIA - (Soprano)The beautiful, young, and obedient sister of Bernardo who has recently arrived from Puerto Rico. She is excited and enthusiastic about her new life in America, but with stubborn inner strength that allows her to evolve into a strong woman.
ANITA - (Mezzo) In her 20's - Bernardo's intelligent, flashy, and sexy girlfriend. She is sharp tongued with a knowing sexuality
CHINO - (Baritone) A Shark. Maria's shy, sweet faced, but fiercely loyal, suitor that she eventually rejects for Tony.
ACTION - (Baritone) A Jet. Most aggressive member of the Jets, a cat-like ball of fury, always looking for a fight.
DIESEL - (Baritone) A Jet. Lieutenant to Riff, big, slow, and steady. The toughest Jet.
A-RAB - (Baritone) A Jet. The second youngest of the gang, an explosive little ferret who enjoys everything and understands the seriousness of nothing.
BABY JOHN - (Baritone) A Jet. Youngest member of the Jets, awed at everything, even being a Jet. Tries to act like a big man, but is vulnerable.
SNOWBOY - (Baritone) A Jet. Bespectacled, self-styled expert
PEPE - A Shark. Lieutenant to Bernardo, typically proud, and resentful of discrimination; baritone.
ANYBODYS - Scrawny teen-aged girl, pathetically dressed to imitate the Jets, and wants desperately to be taken seriously by them.
GRAZIELLA - Riff's girl, impressed with herself
VELMA - Diesel's girl, young, slithery, sexy, lost in a world of jive.
CONSUELO - A Shark. Tough, young Puerto Rican girl with bleach blond hair and lots of baubles.
ROSALIA - (Mezzo) Shark's girl. Young Puerto Rican girl, more demure, not too bright
SHRANK - A ruthless, yet charming at times, plan clothes policeman used to being in charge. Superficially pleasant to cover his venom, fear, and bigotry..
KRUPKE - A large, goon-like police officer in uniform.
GLAD HAND - Nerdy, overly cheerful and ill-equipped social director at the local gym dance.
DOC - The fatherly owner of the drugstore, tired and worn-out.
SHARKS - Various needs tenor/baritone
SHARK GIRLS - Various needs Sporano/Mezzo
JETS - Various needs tenor/baritone
JET GIRLS - Various needs Sporano/Mezzo

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