ETHER DOME - La Jolla Playhouse Auditions

Posted: March 23, 2014

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Ether Dome - Photo Resume Request (Local Only)
La Jolla Playhouse|La Jolla, CA

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LORT Non-Rep
LORT C - Minimum $753/wk

Equity (AEA) and non-Equity, San Diego LOCAL (must live or have housing and transportation within 50 miles of La Jolla). All ethnicities encouraged to submit.

Other Dates
Auditions:April 3rd & 4th 2014at La Jolla Playhouse
June 10th 2014– First rehearsal
July 8th 2014– First tech
July 11th 2014– First preview
July 19th 2014– Opening
August 10th 2014– Closing

by Elizabeth Egloff
Directed by Michael Wilson
A co-production with Huntington Theatre Company and Hartford Stage

To submit for this project, email your headshot and resume
DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION:5PM on Monday, March 31st, 2014.


About the Show: When a new treatment promises to eradicate pain, a doctor and his student play out an epic battle between altruism and ambition. Based on the true story of the discovery of ether as an anesthetic in 1846, Ether Dome explores the pain that afflicts humankind, our attempts to find relief and the beginning of healthcare as big business.

Type of Actor(s): Equity (AEA) and non-Equity, San Diego LOCAL (must live or have housing and transportation within 50 miles of La Jolla). All ethnicities encouraged to submit.

Roles Available:

Dr. Horace Wells (Male, 31) – Prominent dentist, discovers nitrous oxide as an anesthetic but fails to prove its worth, betrayed by his former partner, Morton, driven near mad after his failure and Morton’s duplicity, loses everything, dignified, honorable, and determined – until he explodes.

Elizabeth Wells (Female, 27) – Married to Horace and serves as his dental assistant, kind, loving and righteous, only wants what is owed her husband, defends Horace and his good name until the bitter end.

William Morton (Male, 27) – Dentist, Horace’s partner until he breaks off to get married and become a doctor, desperate to please, lives in constant fear of others discovering who he really is.

Dr. Charles Jackson (Male, 37) – Respected surgeon, might well be a genius, (having studied Geology, Chemistry, Astronomy and More) in another field, but in this one he’s constantly mocked because he faints at the sight of blood.

Dr. John Warren (Male, 68) – Renowned surgeon and professor, Beacon Hill Blue-blood, a perfectionist who is constantly disappointed by others, loves being a surgeon, very old school, he is not interested in a new way of doing things.

Elizabeth Morton (Female, 19) – William Morton’s wife, a graduate of Miss Porter’s school where she was given all the skills useful for marrying a wealthy husband, idealistic and engaging.

Dr. Bigelow (Male, 27) – Youngest doctor on staff at Mass General, seems to have it all; wealth, good looks and confidence, treated like a baby by all the other doctors, has a nose for innovation and recognizes a good idea when he sees it.

Dr. Augustus Gould (Male, 18- 64) – Spectacled conchologist and former surgeon, can’t stand the screaming anymore, an outsider, insecure and fragile.
Dr. Hayward (Male, 18-64) – House surgeon, tough and hardworking, should be valued more by the hospital, trying to hide his growing resentment.

Mrs. Wadsworth (Female, 50-59) – Wealthy patient of Horace’s, educated, dignified, has impeccable taste and a dry sense of humor that escapes most people.

Livingston (Male, 20-39) – The top medical student, a bit of a smart ass, ruthless enough to be Chief of Surgery some day

Dr. Colton (Male, 18-64) – legitimately a doctor with a degree but instead of practicing he puts on a stage show pretending to lecture and sell Laughing Gas.

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