AND TO THE REPUBLIC - Guerrilla Shakespeare Project Auditions

Posted: February 4, 2014

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AND TO THE REPUBLIC - Submit for NY Appointment

Guerrilla Shakespeare Project |Brooklyn, NY

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Jordan Reeves, Guerrilla Shakespeare Project
237 9th Street, 2nd floor
Brooklyn NY11215


NYC auditions held on 2/17, 2/19 (eves) by appointment only.

For consideration, mail or email picture and resume

Deadline for submissions: 2/10.

Basic Code application pending; $250 stipend

Dynamic Male and Female actors with strong Shakespearean verse experience for the following roles:
Cleo (30-50)
Portia (30-50)
Caesar (40-60)

see breakdown

Other Dates

Audition Dates: February 17th & 19th (Evenings)
1st Reh: 4/21/14. Opens: 5/24. Closes: 6/7

By: William Shakespeare
Artistic Director: Jordan Reeves
Director: Geordie Broadwater



AND TO THE REPUBLIC is a newly constructed work, created entirely from Shakespeare's Roman plays. Focusing on the epic parallels between Ancient Rome and Modern America, The Guerrilla Shakespeare Project has created a new story using Shakespeare's verse. Set in today's 24 hour news cycle, the show re-focuses Shakespeare's text to tell a fresh but hauntingly familiar political story of blood, betrayal, and assassination.

Seeking: Dynamic Male and Female actors with strong Shakespearean verse experience for the following roles:

Female, 30-50. First lady , Wife of the President. Brilliant, Sensuous, Volatile and Proud. She can be manipulative when she wants to. A woman who gets what she wants. Wild in her youth, she's taken to the buttoned up atmosphere of DC better than anyone thought she would, because defying expectations is what she does.

Female, 30-50. Pretty, tightly bound, put together. The consummate politician's wife. She's spent a long time letting her opinions and desires get overlooked by the people around her and she's finally had enough.

Male, 40-60. The President. Magnetic, charming, impressive. He can have a whole room laughing with a story, but cross him and you're toast. One hell of a temper. Able to size people up in an instant. An egomaniac, but if anyone deserves to be it's him.

The critically acclaimed Guerrilla Shakespeare Project has always treated Shakespeare's text as if they were new plays. AND TO THE REPUBLIC tells the story of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar set in today's 24 hour news cycle.

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