X FACTOR RECAP: The Top 12 Becomes the Top 13; All the Performances!

"We have some very important news," Mario Lopez says at the top of tonight's episode of The X Factor. What is this news? The top twelve has just become the top thirteen, with an act returning after being eliminated last week. Who is it? Read on to find out!

It's 13-year-old Diamond White, who probably does deserve another chance but...at the price of having to watch an extra week of Pepsi commercials? I don't know that there's anything that's worth bearing through Simon Cowell's horrible acting.

X FACTOR RECAP: The Top 12 Becomes the Top 13; All the Performances!Arin Ray, from Britney's Teens, is up first with "American Boy" by Estelle. This week he seems MUCH more confident than in weeks past, but there's still something that seems a little copycat about all of his performances. It's not bad, though, and although his dancing does look a little like a middle aged woman doing squats at some points, it's probably my favorite performance of his so far. "Big, big difference from last week to this week," Simon says.

X FACTOR RECAP: The Top 12 Becomes the Top 13; All the Performances!Paige Thomas, from Demi's Young Adults, is up next. They do an intro with Paige's adorable daughter, and I really do believe that Paige is as emotional as she seems to be about this. She's also the most theatrical, but I'm not sure I quite understand the vision to "Take My Breath Away" (there's, like, a bomb on the ground - for a nod toward Top Gun? - but Paige is dressed like a gladiator and then there's a guy dressed like he came from the 1800s and a parachute and trees what).

X FACTOR RECAP: The Top 12 Becomes the Top 13; All the Performances!Vino Alan hits the stage representing LA Reid's Over 25s with the title song from When a Man Loves a Woman. I like Vino, and he's an awesome singer, but I'd like to see him sing something that doesn't sound stylistically just like everything else he's already done. That being said, he's really good and he definitely deserves to go through. Demi says that he's not a number one artist, but Simon disagrees, reminding her of Susan Boyle - because Vino and Susan are practically twins - and adding that he thinks this song went much better than last week's.

X FACTOR RECAP: The Top 12 Becomes the Top 13; All the Performances!Emblem3, from Simon's Groups team, is up next with a mashup of "My Girl/California Gurls," with a One Direction song thrown in for good measure, presumably from the Katy Perry movie - or maybe no movie at all, because The X Factor chooses vague themes that they don't really follow through on. Demi thinks that Simon was trying to hard by asking Emblem3 to echo One Direction: "Bad idea," she says, and Simon argues that it was clever (though to be totally fair, I think Simon also thinks everything he does is clever).

X FACTOR RECAP: The Top 12 Becomes the Top 13; All the Performances!Beatrice Miller takes on The Goo Goo Dolls' "Iris." It's a little pitchy, and she's once again dressed like her stylist picked out five random clothing pieces and decided to add a coat or five for good measure. She is only thirteen, and she's clearly trying to relax more on stage, so the fact that she slipped on some notes doesn't seem like a big deal. "The tone of your voice sounds like a hit record," LA tells her.

X FACTOR RECAP: The Top 12 Becomes the Top 13; All the Performances!Jennell Garcia takes the stage to "I Love Rock & Roll," and while I don't really like it as much as her performance last week, I'm super surprised that Jannell continues to have presence on stage - mostly because I remember her as the girl who kept weeping in the early auditions. "I don't like what Demi has done to the way you look," Simon says, and I do kind of agree in that it would've been better if she didn't look like she was trying so hard to be a rocker.


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