VIDEO: Wayne Brady Talks BET Honors, His Daughter and More on WENDY WILLIAMS

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Emmy Award-winning actor, singer and performer Wayne Brady dropped by Wendy Williams' couch today to talk about Mariah Carey's Jessica Rabbit-inspired dress, shielding his daughter from Miley Cyrus, dating, co-parenting and the bond he shares with his ex-wife. Watch the interview below!

When asked what held up Mariah Carey's dress in the pre-taped BET Honors event, which he is hosting next week, Wayne joked, "Prayer and duct tape. She had pastors backstage going 'Lord please let 'em stay inside. By the grace, please lay your hands on. Don't tell Nick [Cannon] though!'"

Raising his young daughter, Miley, in the world of entertainment, Wayne revealed he is wary of exposing her to certain elements and performers. "I'm not judging Miley Cyrus, because this is show business. What she's doing, she's winning..." But, he added, "As a dad, I will not let my daughter sit there and watch you simulate masturbation on stage."

As a single father, Wayne explained that only age and experience have taught him the best way to introduce girlfriends to his daughter. "Earlier when I was dating, I was not very bright about it, because I didn't know you needed a time to make that happen. Now I understand, six months at the minimum, because you don't want to grow up with someone. Like we've had folks that I know where they've got a lot of aunties. Auntie Jasmine, Auntie Sissy. Well where's your auntie? I don't know, they're not my auntie anymore. So I want her to, when I bring someone into her life that it's real, it's gonna stick, then that shows my respect for her."

Speaking about co-parenting and his relationship with his ex-wife, Mandy, Wayne said, "It's an understatement to say she's my best friend in the world. She has my back. Because the way that I feel, she a) has put up with me for, god we've known each other 20 years and any person in their right mind would've run screaming. Cause you get divorced for a reason." He added, "I'm a work in progress. Especially, the best part about hitting your 40s, is now, I feel like a man. I was a boy before and I did boyish things, now I feel like I'm becoming a man, I'm stepping into my own. I've got a little money in the bank. I've saved a little bit. I know how to treat a lady now. I've got this young woman I'm raising, and I can do all that because I've got a woman, who may not be my wife, but I've got a woman at my back that says, 'If you touch him, I will cut you'.

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VIDEO: Wayne Brady Talks BET Honors, His Daughter and More on WENDY WILLIAMS

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