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VIDEO: SETH MEYERS Opens Show with Nod to Jimmy Fallon

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New host Seth Meyers opened his very first Late Night show with a nod to his predecessor Jimmy Fallon, who recently took over the reins of The Tonight Show. 

Sitting at his new 'Late Night' desk, the SNL alum wrote out a thank you card as the familiar music of Fallon's signature "Thank You Notes" segment began to play.

"Thank you, Jimmy Fallon, for taking over The Tonight Show at 11:30 so I could take over Late Nightat 12:30. I promise to treat it with respect and dignity, and to only use it to do completely original comedy pieces..." Meyers said, his voice trailing off. "Starting now."

Check out the bit below and read highlights from Meyers opening monolgue!

"The Arizona Legislature passed a bill that would allow business owners asserting their religious beliefs to deny service to gay customers. Some businesses have already put up signs that read "Nice shirt, nice shoes, no service.""

"Here's some interesting Science news. Researchers successfully remote-controlled a monkey after installing electrodes into its brain and spine. And that's the story of how Juan Pablo became the Bachelor."

"The brassiere turns 100 years old this week. And so does everyone who still calls it a brassiere."

"A hunter in Tampa confused a man practicing turkey calls for a deer on Sunday and shot him twice in the arm. Well, it's like my grandpa always used to say, if it looks like a man and it talks like a turkey, it's a deer."

"Washington DC 7-Eleven stores have begun selling Dorito coated cheese sticks. Because when 7-Eleven drops food on the floor, they don't give up."

"A Florida man is running for Congress as a write in candidate at the age of 101 years old. He has a good chance of appealing to younger voters since that's all there is.

A museum in Iceland that features the penises of 93 different species of animal is seeking the donation of a human penis. And only then will Bjork's new dress be complete."

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VIDEO: SETH MEYERS Opens Show with Nod to Jimmy Fallon

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