VIDEO: Bieber Arrest Dominates Late Night Monologues; Watch Fallon, Kimmel & More


Yesterday's arrest of pop star Justin Bieber in Miami, Florida presented a gold mine of material for the hosts of late night TV, including David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien and Jimmy Kimmel. Check out clips from last night's monologues below!

On "The Tonight Show," Jay Leno commented: "President Obama announced today that America's No. 1 domestic terrorist has been apprehended," he deadpanned. "They finally arrested Justin Bieber, ladies and gentlemen. He is in custody! ... We don't have to live in fear anymore!"

Over on "Late Night," Jimmy Fallon expressed his shock at the news that Bieber had been drag racing."(It) is pretty surprising when you hear the only race car he'd been in before that was his bed."

"Late Show's" David Letterman devoted the iconic Top 10 to the 19-year-old with a roundup of Bieber headlines we're likely to see in the near future.

10. Out of options, Bieber seeks asylum in Russia

9. Justin Bieber, sick of himself, kicks own a--

8. Singer changes name to Bustin Jieber

7. Justin and wife welcome first biebie

6. Bieber loses modeling deal to 19-year-old from Seattle

5. Jury enters third day of belieberations

4. Bieber, Kardashian married

3. Bieber, Kardashian finalize divorce

2. Mayor Rob Ford names Bieber chief of police

1. Justin tweets photo of his Bieber

Conan O'Brien offered: "Police reports said Bieber's blood contained large amounts of alcohol, pot and Flintstone's Chewables - a lot of Barney in there," he quipped to his "Conan" audience. "Police have charged Bieber with impersonating a resident of Florida."

On "Jimmy Kimmel Live," host Kimmel directed his quips at Bieber's fans as he put the spotlight on Twitter reactions.

VIDEO: Bieber Arrest Dominates Late Night Monologues; Watch Fallon, Kimmel & More

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