Telemundo Announces 2010-11 Original Programming Lineup

Telemundo Announces 2010-11 Original Programming Lineup

Telemundo Communications Group, a leading producer of high-quality content for Hispanics in the U.S. and audiences around the world, announced today its 2010-2011 original programming season at a press conference held at The Modern in New York City. The new programming announcement was made by Don Browne, President, Telemundo; Jacqueline Hernández, Chief Operating Officer, Telemundo; Mike Rodriguez, Senior Vice President, Network Sales and Marketing, Telemundo; Adriana Ibañez, Executive Vice President of Programming, Telemundo and Peter Blacker, Executive Vice President, Digital Media and Emerging Businesses.

"Five years ago almost to the day, I made a promise to the advertising community that Telemundo would produce quality, original scripted content for U.S. Hispanics. Over 50 original productions later, along with record-breaking ratings performances, Telemundo has clearly established its position as the first Spanish-language network in the U.S. to produce quality original programming for Hispanics living in this country,"said Browne. "Producing and owning our content has allowed us to embrace changing technology, create partnerships with clients and advertisers and use our international reach and multi-platforms to grow with our rapidly expanding Hispanic audiences."

The New Now

Telemundo introduced clients to its "New Now"approach at this year's client development meetings held in Miami in March. "New Now"describes the current advertising landscape centered on consumers' need to be reached whenever and wherever they want. Telemundo is in the best position to deliver the most comprehensive and timely insight into consumers to its partners by leveraging its powerful combination of original content, media platforms and proprietary research tools.

"Innovation in programming is synonymous with Telemundo, and our advertisers and clients continue to recognize that our unique and successful original programming model offers them the most customized and integrated solutions to directly target their desired consumers,"added Hernández. "This ‘New Now' approach stems from the distinct ability to understand and know our audience through our proprietary research channels offering our partners the most up-to-date and cutting edge information about our viewers and their target consumer."

Telemundo solidified its proven original, client-centric strategy, further evolving the Upfront process and expanding on the traditional branded entertainment concept. The network will continue to incorporate clients as an integral component to the programming development process; a concept pioneered by Telemundo.

Eventos Telemundo

In an industry first, Telemundo unveiled the launch of Eventos Telemundo, further enhancing the 360° viewer experience, offering advertisers and marketers yet another consumer touch point. Eventos Telemundo brings Telemundo's programming to life through grass-roots marketing consumer events such as talent tours and the highly popular Club de Noveleras, where fans are able to interact with their favorite novela stars.

"Telemundo now produces 100% of its original novelas in HD, providing a more enhanced television experience for both viewers and advertisers alike,"added Rodriguez. "Our 360° client approach meets the needs of our partners across all media platforms, offering them the flexibility, customization and results that are unique only to Telemundo as a result of our original content model and comprehensive research capabilities. The launch of Eventos Telemundo brings the total 360° experience full-circle."

Proof of Performance

For the past five years, Telemundo's client integrations and branded entertainment solutions have had a consistent track record of success across brand categories including, automotive, telecom, retail and insurance. Spanish-language integrations deliver higher consumer engagement than English-language integrations and when advertisers invest in brand integrations on Telemundo, the outcome is a positive brand opinion shift among consumers.


Building on Telemundo's existing success with its digital platforms and leveraging MSN's technology, the network also announced it will launch a new HD broadband player supported and developed specifically by its partner MSN. The HD player will feature English subtitles to attract and appeal to the full spectrum of U.S. Hispanics. In addition, the network unveiled it will provide viewers with opportunities to engage in real-time social media viewing experiences on connected with Twitter, Facebook and mobile devices as they watch Telemundo's primetime novelas.


Monday-Friday PRIMETIME


Telemundo's 2010-2011 season is filled with new high-drama, original novelas for U.S. Hispanics.

El Fantasma de Elena (Elena's Ghost)

From the master of suspense & intrigue, Humberto "Kico"Olivieri (El Rostro de Analia, El Zorro, La Tormenta, La Venganza), comes a story reminiscent of the purest Alfred Hitchcock films. Young and beautiful, Elena and her widowed father manage a small but excellent hotel on the ocean shore. Raised in her father's shadow and shielded from the maternal side of her family, Elena has never known true love. That is until Eduardo washes up on her shore after his yacht is shipwrecked, and Elena falls hopelessly in love as she nurses him back to health. The rich, young businessman is equally passionate, and they're married in an impromptu ceremony on the beach. Elena joins Eduardo in his mansion, a grand castle on the edge of a cliff, where he resides with several family members and household staff. From a photograph, Elena learns about Eduardo's deceased wife, also named Elena, who died in a tragic accident on her wedding day. The new bride isn't given the warmest of welcomes to the castle, but it's the screams and moans coming from the castle's tower that most terrify Elena. The twists and turns of the oceanfront locale mirror a storyline intertwined with secret loves, unusual characters and a mysterious aura. Kico spins a web of mystery and chance, until we discover the secret behind El Fantasma de Elena (Elena's Ghost).

Casanova Sin Amor (Loveless Casanova)

Casanova Sin Amor, an original telenovela by acclaimed writer Gustavo Bolivar, is a light-hearted love story, where the very same antagonist is also the protagonist. On his birthday, Juan Pablo, the rich owner of a private TV network, comes to the realization that no one loves him for who he really is as a person, but rather for his power and fortune. After talking with Ernesto, his chauffer, Juan Pablo begins to think about the possibility of assuming a new identity as a poor working man in an effort to find true love, since as Ernesto pointed out, only a humble girl who doesn't know who Juan Pablo can really fall in love with him for him and not for his power. Arriving at the network one day, Juan Pablo sees Daniela, an aspiring actress, as she's leaving and falls in love at first sight. He soon moves into a house in a poor neighborhood, right next door to Daniela. Juan Pablo dedicates himself to helping his love Daniela achieve her dream of becoming an actress. All the while, he keeps his identity secret from Daniela, wondering if she will remain his girlfriend once she's rich and famous. One day, Juan Pablo finally reveals himself to Daniela as the president of the TV network. Infuriated, Daniela leaves the country, swearing never to forgive him. As Juan Pablo sets off in search of Daniela, we understand there's no place in the world where his love for her cannot reach.