TOP CHEF ESTRELLAS Finale Airs this Sunday on Telemundo

TOP CHEF ESTRELLAS Finale Airs this Sunday on Telemundo

The third episode of Telemundo's "Top Chef Estrellas" (8pm/7c) was full of drama, nerves and surprises in preparation for the finale of the reality show, hosted by telenovela star Aylin Mujica. Chef judges Lorena Garcia, Jaime Martin del Campo and Ramiro Arvizu, will be demanding with finalists Fernando Arau, Erika de la Rosa and David Chocarro to see who will take the crown of the culinary competition on Sunday, March 9.

The "Top Chef Estrellas" kitchen was full of drama and emotion in the Quickfire Challenge, with the unexpected arrival of the celebrity contestants' families and loved ones who helped them prepare their favorite childhood dish. Cynthia Olavarria and her mother had an emotional reunion, and Christian de la Campa got to see his father for the first time in six months. The winner of The Challenge was Fernando, helped by his son, and David, who cooked alongside his mother. Erika and Christian de la Campa had the judges' least favorite dishes, and Christian was the first contestant of the night to be eliminated.

In the Elimination Challenge (La Prueba Eliminatoria), each team had to create a dinner for judges, host and a family of six with only $25. Erika and David were the winning team while Lorena and Fernando lost the challenge. The two latter had to prepare the Last Bite to save themselves from elimination, and surprisingly, Lorena was eliminated and became a Sous Chef.

For her part, Lorena bared her soul as never before in "Suelta La Sopa Extra." Dr. Nancy Alvarez also stopped by The After show hosted by Penélope Menchaca, analyzing the competition asboth a former contestant and sexologist and proving beyond a doubt that shedoesn't hold back on words. Deportes Telemundo's Karim Mendiburu and Rashel Diaz of "Un Nuevo Día" faced off in a challenge to prepare the best hamburger for the entire production team. At the end, the lovely co-host of Telemundo's morning show ended up with a bucket of water over the head. Next Sunday, "Suelta La Sopa Extra" will feature all of the "Top Chef Estrellas" contestants after the grand finale.

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