TODAY Anchors to Host 'Friday Field Trips' Across U.S. Throughout February


This February, the TODAY show anchors will be leaving the Big Apple behind for surprise Friday field trips. Each week, two members of the TODAY show team will travel to a new city to broadcast special split editions of the show. Each Monday in February, TODAY will announce which anchors will be packing their bags, and where they will end up.

This week, it's a double whammy. Al Roker and Natalie Morales will visit two cities on Friday, February 1, San Francisco and Baltimore, the homes of the Super Bowl rival teams. Roker will pre-game with 49ers fans in San Francisco and Morales will celebrate with Ravens fans in Baltimore as both teams get ready for the big game.

Roker and Morales also have some skin in the game. The anchor who visits the losing team's city will have to dress up as the winning team's mascot live on TODAY, Monday, February 4. Depending on the outcome, it could be a raven for Roker, or a miner for Morales.

Viewers are encouraged to tune in to TODAY each Monday in February to find out if a TODAY show anchor will wind up in their neck of the woods.

Don Nash is the executive producer of "Today" (Monday-Friday, 7-11 a.m.). Mary Alice O'Rourke is the special events producer of "Today's Friday Field Trips."

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