New Documentary PARTY CRASHERS Shines Light on the Tea Party

New Documentary PARTY CRASHERS Shines Light on the Tea Party

Incited by the questions, "Who are these Tea Partiers? What do they believe in, and what do they want?" Live Oak Productions' new documentary, "Party Crashers" (, takes viewers on an inside journey into the ideology of the Tea Party Movement. Hopping on board the Tea Party Express, Director Travis Burroughs carefully sought out interviews with advocates and opposition, to chronicle the modern conservative movement in the days leading up to the 2010 mid-term elections. After much success on the film festival circuit, "Party Crashers" is now available for purchase on DVD.

Burroughs sets out to construct an unbiased, balanced strand of commentary from all sides of the political spectrum, with an aim to answer many Americans' questions about the Tea Party Movement. Political and media heavyweights such as Senator Rand Paul, Matt Taibbi, Andrew Breitbart, Sharron Angle, Amy Kramer, John O'Hara, and actor Stephen Baldwin lend their insightful commentary to the riveting documentary.

Party Crashers also explores the role that multimedia plays, not only in newer political movements such as the Tea Party, but in politics as a whole. With the rise of viral media in politics today, the documentary explores online multimedia as a game-changing tool, utilized in the campaigns of conservatives and liberals alike.

Party Crashers received rave reviews at its screenings at the Action on Film Festival, Global Peace Film Festival, Cinesol Film Festival, Bridge Fest International Film Festival, and DocuWest. "Party Crashers" will also be screening at the Golden Door Film Festival at Jersey City on October 14th, Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival on November 5th, and the Southern Appalachian Film Festival in between November 7-12th.

The DVD is currently available to purchase online at