Hulu to Premiere New Original Series DOOZERS, 4/25

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The Jim Henson Company and DHX Media's newest animated preschool series DOOZERS focuses on four Doozers kids who live in Doozer Creek. Dubbed "the Pod Squad," Spike, Molly Bolt, Flex, and Daisy Wheel engage in exciting projects to DESIGN, CREATE, and INNOVATE. These Doozers are DOERS - they put their ideas into action!

The orignal series will premiere exclusively on Hulu beginning April 25th.

Watch the official trailer below:

About the series:

Hulu Kids viewers will be introduced to the fun and adventurous "Pod Squad," Spike, Molly Bolt, Flex and Daisy Wheel. The four Doozer kids live at the edges of our world and right under our noses in the fantastical, modern and eco-friendly Doozer Creek.

They're green, they're cute, they're three inches tall and full of energy, ideas and enthusiasm. Doozers put their ideas into action and change their dreams into reality, from designing a Doozer Derby racing car to flying in a kaleidoscope of butterflies or building a giant gingerbread house!

The series celebrates the spirit of being an innovator and inspires all kids to have an "I can do it" attitude. "Doozers" features a ground breaking design thinking curriculum, which is part of an overall STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) initiative.

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