Comedy Central to Launch Social Media Campaign for ROAST OF ROSEANNE

In an effort to interact with fans and generate excitement for the premiere of the "COMEDY CENTRAL ROAST OF ROSEANNE," which airs on Sunday, August 12 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT, COMEDY CENTRAL has launched an extensive digital and social media campaign which enables fans to interact with the Roast live through the network's Roast Dashboard, an exclusive second-screen optimized experience.  The Roast Dashboard, available online and on mobile and tablet devices, will allow viewers to "Share The Burn" with their friends through interactive digital features synched with the telecast, including continuously updated memes, shareable GIFs and videos of show highlights, and make it easy to join or follow the Roast conversation on Twitter while the night unfolds on television.

As viewers watch the talent step up to roast Roseanne, fans will find some of the hottest jokes and funniest moments from the night pop up immediately into the Dashboard's "Share The Burn" section – a collection of shareable memes, exclusive videos and GIFs from the Roast – as they happen on-air.  Other elements of the Roast Dashboard include a "Reaction Cam," which gives fans a view of Roseanne's reactions to the Roast burns in real time, and a Twitter Tracker where fans can follow the conversations throughout the premiere, see which Roasters are trending, as well as view top trending jokes and quotes from the night.  Fans can also interact directly with the network on Twitter (@COMEDYCENTRAL) using #RoseanneRoast, as COMEDY CENTRAL will live tweet and engage with fans throughout the night.  As an added bonus for Twitter users, dais talent includingJane LynchJeffrey Ross, Amy Schumer, Seth GreenCarrie Fisher and the Roastee herself, Roseanne Barr, will live tweet throughout the premiere.

On the day of the Roast taping, COMEDY CENTRAL used various social media platforms to provide fans with a sneak peek onto the Red Carpet by blogging, tweeting and sharing photos of celebrity arrivals.  Inside, guests found tables adorned with wine bottles displaying the Twitter hashtag #RoseanneRoast, encouraging the audience to share their favorite moments and jokes from the event.

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