BWW Recap: Star-Crossed Love Blossoms on OUTLANDER

August 17
7:47 2014
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BWW Recap: Star-Crossed Love Blossoms on OUTLANDER

This week's episode picks up on the heels of the last, with Claire and her Highlander captors entering the courtyard of the Castle Leoch. If Claire had any lingering doubts as to her whereabouts, or, rather, timeabouts, she can have them no longer, as the castle she and Frank last saw and toured as a ruin, stands before her, intact and alive and rather intimidating.

You have to admire the production's dedication to accurate recreation of the time period, since everything in the courtyard, is utterly filthy. You can almost sense the reek of manure coming off the television screen. And once again, poor Claire's pleas for disinfectant for Jamie's many wounds are greeted by vacant stares. Until, that is, the formidable housekeeper, Mrs. Fitzgibbons ("They call me Mrs. Fitz") catches on and brews up a steaming herbal potion.

The purported gist of this episode is Claire's whiling away the five days until she can catch a peddler's wagon back to Inverness, the Stones, and, hopefully, modern times. Colum MacKenzie, the crippled Laird of the Castle and the brother of the faintly sinister war chief Dougal, vaguely promises her that she can leave, but it's apparent to everyone but Claire, that he intends no such outcome. However, the wait gives her time to become better acquainted with the life and customs of the people, and with Jamie's musculature.

As Claire tends his wounds, Jamie shows himself to be a pretty enlightened person. He became an outlaw by defending the honor of his sister (shown in a flashback that reveals, yet again, what despicable louse Black Jack Randall is). He bares his soul to Claire, placing his trust in her by telling her he has a price on his head. He steps in for a young woman who is about to suffer physical punishment at the hands of the Laird and at the request of her father for the sin of, shall we say, being a "lusty" lass. As Dougal directs Jamie's pummeling in the girl's stead, we have to wonder about his true opinion of the young man.

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