BIO: Michael Jay Feinstein is an American singer, pianist, and music revivalist. He is an interpreter of, and an anthropologist and archivist for, the repertoire known as the Great American Songbook. Wikip... (read more...)

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2/20 @ 8:09 AM
MichaelFeinstei - HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite Jazz singer, Nancy Wilson! I LOVE you, Michael! https://t.co/mggmQLgOKz
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2/18 @ 6:04 AM
MichaelFeinstei - These are INCREDIBLE orchids, WOW!! Orchids are my favorite! Hope everyone is having a great Saturday! https://t.co/aWRcGtnkz4
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2/15 @ 2:06 PM
MichaelFeinstei - Yesterday was bitter sweet. Valentine's is one of my favorite holidays but it was also my dear friend Florence Hend… https://t.co/MeCLKyksPP
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