TFC Europe Kicks Off 'Juan EU Konek'; Inspiring Stories of Pinoys in Europe

TFC Europe Kicks Off 'Juan EU Konek'; Inspiring Stories of Pinoys in Europe

ABS-CBN's The Filipino Channel (TFC) explores the rich and varied stories of Pinoy expatriates in Europe in a new, monthly magazine program, Juan EU Konek.

Airing every first Sunday of the month on TFC in Europe and Middle East and on worldwide, Juan EU Konek brings to life the passions, adventures and success stories of the Filipino in Europe, in a 45-minute program hosted by ABS-CBN Europe's news team of seasoned journalists Danny Buenafe, Rose Eclarinal and Gene Alcantara.

TFC Europe's first foray into long-form, magazine reporting, Juan EU Konek delves deeper into the lives of Europe-based Filipinos, tackling both their political and social concerns, including immigration matters, as well as their lighter moments.

ABS-CBN Europe and Middle East News Bureau Chief Danny Buenafe investigates the big issues that affect the Filipinos in Europe or the European Pinoy, such as the plight of migrant domestic workers in the UK and the impact of Spain's economic crisis on Filipino families there.

Senior Correspondent Rose Eclarinal, who also produces the show, shines a light on the lifestyles and success stories of the Filipinos in Europe, animating their triumphs and struggles to make it on the continent. Whether following the new Filipino leads of the West End revival of the hit musical "Miss Saigon", or probing the psyche of Pinoy transsexuals in the UK, Eclarinal offers revealing portraits of Filipino life in Europe.

Legal consultant and long-time community leader Gene Alcantara, meanwhile, hosts "Immigration 101", a segment dedicated to immigration concerns for Europe-based Filipinos. The first of its kind for TFC Europe, "Immigration 101" keeps viewers abreast of the latest developments in immigration law in Europe, covering the range of issues from travel restrictions and work permits to changes in European laws.

Says Alcantara of Immigration 101: "It is important for Filipinos to know their immigration rights: what is possible and what is not, especially for those who are already citizens of Europe. Particularly with the growing popularity of right-wing views and anti-immigrant sentiments in the UK, France, Greece and elsewhere, it is vital that Filipinos in Europe stand firm especially when we know we are in the right. And I think showing case studies on TFC will allow them to see and understand how it all works. Hopefully we will see a more knowledgeable and empowered community able to exercise their lives in Europe to its fullest."