Singer/Songwriter Evie Archer to Release Debut Album LIFE IN SAND

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Singer/Songwriter Evie Archer to Release Debut Album LIFE IN SAND

Singer/songwriter Evie Archer emerges from a time of doubt, confusion, and a "Life in Sand," getting back to her lifelong passion for music on her debut album, an inspiring homage to the power of resilience.

Foreshadowing the wild and funky, amazing yet often maddening, zigzagging journey Evie Archer ( ended up taking toward her current emergence as a leading singer/songwriter, she shifted majors frequently at Princeton University.

Walking the same hallowed halls as President John F. Kennedy; Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor; financial magnate Jeff Bezos of Amazon;Broadway producer Josh Logan; and actors Jimmy Stewart, David Duchovny, Dean Cain and Brooke Shields, she made an adventure of academia on her way to becoming an Ivy League grad in search of a vision for the future. She started out at Princeton in accelerated pre-med, switched to economics, and then music before finally graduating as an English major. She loved Shakespeare, and did her senior thesis on Hamlet, but that tattoo of a muted post horn on her forearm is a symbol from another book she embraced - Thomas Pynchon's classic '60s novella "The Crying of Lot 49." It's got a long convoluted plot - very much opposite of the personal and heartfelt, straight to the point songs on her infectious debut album Life In Sand, which she calls an ode to the power of resilience.

Archer's exposure to music started very early. While her mother, Sandy, was pregnant, Sandy put headphones on her stomach so that the embryonic Evie (born Melissa Rosenberg) could hear classical music, Seals & Crofts, Linda Ronstadt and Carly Simon. When Archer was two, she begged her mom for piano lessons and learned to play "Over The Rainbow." With perfect pitch and a genius IQ, she sang tunes by memory from "The Wizard of Oz" and "Les Miserables" at four. Before she was 10, she was studying classical music and singing opera, and she performed in plays and musicals at Princeton Day School throughout her teens.

While at Princeton Day School, she took a class with famed composer Laurie Altman, who "told my parents that I had real potential to do this as a career." Though Archer penned the song "Sweet Destruction" (now on Life In Sand) in high school, she didn't take these kind words too seriously. Later at Princeton University, music became more a part of who she was. She took composition classes with Professor Paul Lansky, a pioneer in the development of computer music, who also saw her potential and encouraged her talent. Also while at Princeton University, she joined the campus's Roaring 20 a cappella group and won the university's Princetonian Idol competition with her performance of one of her original songs.

When she graduated college, though, she pushed music aside for a time and lived the life of an emotional and spiritual "Vagabond," the name of a song she recently wrote that captures that longtime feeling of never feeling quite at home anywhere. On a whim, she moved to North Carolina, where she waited tables and tutored. She then returned to the New York area and enrolled as a student at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the world's largest nutrition school. Archer then did paralegal work at a law firm, and, driven by her interest in spiritual studies, attended Union Theological Seminary, the oldest independent seminary in the nation. She later enrolled in a post baccalaureate program at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Hackensack, taking psychology courses because her binge watching of crime shows made her think she might like a career in forensic psychology.

Her parents then suggested that she return to her first love - music. "They asked me if there was anything I could think of that, since I was a little kid that I've stuck with besides songwriting," Archer says. "They were the impetus." But, for Archer, music is just a means to an end. "No matter what endeavor I tried, there was always the running theme of wanting to help people. Now the hope I have with my songwriting is that it can touch people and provide comfort and encouragement for what they're going through. At one point in my wanderings, I became obsessed with self-help books, and one of them talked about creating a personal mission statement. Even though I wasn't focused on music at the time, I remember writing, 'I want to be a successful singer/songwriter who through emotional honesty helps people connect with their feelings and be their authentic selves.' That's true more today than ever."

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