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BWW CD Reviews: Constantine Maroulis' CONSTANTINE Showcases Rock Zeal and Charisma

BWW CD Reviews: Constantine Maroulis' CONSTANTINE Showcases Rock Zeal and Charisma
Cover art for CONSTANTINE. Courtesy of Sixth Place Records.

In early January, Constantine Maroulis rocked Houston audiences as part of Tyce Green's Straight From New York Concert Series. His energetic and mesmerizing performance inspired me to seek out his debut solo album CONSTANTINE. Like the cabaret concert, the 2007 album expertly showcases Constantine Maroulis' rock zeal and indefatigable charisma.

In all honesty, I'm late to the Constantine Maroulis bandwagon. I'm not an American Idol fan, and I only knew he was on that show because of the general buzz he generated by being on the show. As his Broadway stardom grew, I took notice of him, but I in no way followed his career. It wasn't until I saw him as Dr. Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde in Theatre Under the Stars' presentation of JEKYLL & HYDE's latest national tour that I began to understand why he constantly impresses people. Then, after his thrilling Houston cabaret in January, I couldn't help but count myself as a Constantine Maroulis fan.

In the cabaret he sang "Girl Like You" and "Favorite T-Shirt" from the album, which served as a great introduction to the varied and entertaining 12 tracks on the disc. Each of the songs on the disc, whether they be soaring rock anthems or rock ballads, is wonderfully sung and showcases the strength of Constantine Maroulis' vocal instrument. From the infectious "Girl Like You," which opens the disc, to the heartfelt and stirring "Midnight Radio," originally from HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH, that closes the disc, every song is truly captivating. Songs like "Child, You're the Revolution" and "Sister, Sister" showcase his ability to wail with precision, while songs like "Right to My Head" and "So Long" perfectly illustrate his ability to touch our hearts with poignant emotionality.

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