OFFER & COMPROMISE Movie Launches Kickstarter Campaign with Perks from Star Tom Cavanagh and More

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OFFER & COMPROMISE Movie Launches Kickstarter Campaign with Perks from Star Tom Cavanagh and More

How do you Turn a mountain of debt into an active volcano? Throw a family in.

Actor/Director Valerie Landsburg (Fame) and Producer Tani Cohen's (Mr. Conservative: Goldwater on Goldwater, The Dust Factory) dream to make a humorous and heartfelt movie about a family turned upside down by the father's concealed unemployment and growing credit card debt is getting some help from its devoted all-star cast. $500,000 is the goal of the Kickstarter "Offer & Compromise" campaign, which ends on March 13th. Visit for more information.

"Offer & Compromise," written by Dylan Otto, will star Tom Cavanagh (Flash, Ed, How to Eat Fried Worms) as Henry Warner, the father who racks up considerable credit card debt rather than admit to his wife and kids that he had been terminated. Constance Zimmer (House of Cards, Entourage) plays Karen, his wife who wants a different life, and Frances Fisher (Resurrection, Titanic) as Karen's mother, who feels her daughter could have married better.

Musician and American Idol semi-finalist, Casey Abrams will make his film debut as Travis Parker, the young and inexperienced debt collector whose life becomes personally intertwined with the Warner family as they struggle to break free of debts -- both financially and emotionally. Christopher McDonald (Happy Gilmore, Boardwalk Enterprise), Carol Kane (Princess Bride), French Stewart (Mom, 3rd Rock From the Sun), Haaz Sleiman (Nurse Jackie) and Lee Meriwether (Batman, Miss America 1959) are set to round out the cast (

In vein of "Little Miss Sunshine" and "The Descendants", "Offer & Compromise" is a timely and relatable comedy/drama. The script written by Dylan Otto, inspired the cast members to go above and beyond the offer & compromise commitment of acting in the film. Each has anted up a backer reward with their own individual signature on it. The following are just some examples:

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