'How I Met Your Mother's Amoia Cast in NEFAS: THE WICKED

'How I Met Your Mother's Amoia Cast in NEFAS: THE WICKED

Charlene Amoia (How I Met Your Mother, American Reunion) will star in a new horror film for Zoe and Pebbles Productions in association with Mulberry Street Films, LLC.

Nefas : The Wicked is a haunted house tale based on true events. Filming begins in June just outside of Chicago.

Synopsis :

Julia is a quirky single mother who has left the big city with her Teenage daughter, Charlotte and has taken up residence in the old Miller house. What she is unaware of is that the Miller house is known by the townspeople to have been a place where demonic possession occurred throughout the past. As history repeats itself, Julia must work with the previous owner of the house, Dr. Miller, to save not only Charlotte from this evil case of possession but to ultimately keep the evil entity from latching on to Dr. Miller.

The terrifying tale is inspired by true events and is loaded with unforeseen twists, that has never been seen in a possession movie.

Ayush Banker and Justin LaReau direct. Scripters were Banker, LaReau, Michelle Beyda-Scott, Helene Gonze.

Amoia will play Julia.

Amoia, best known for her role as Wendy on CBS's How I Met Your Mother, next appears in the psychological thriller Vitals.

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