Grammy Museum Screens MR. BLUE SKY: THE STORY OF JEFF LYNNE AND ELO Today, 11/14

Los Angeles radio station 95.5 KLOS-FM previously announced a special screening, today, November 14 at The GRAMMY Museum in downtown Los Angeles, of the Jeff Lynne documentary MR. BLUE SKY: THE STORY OF Jeff Lynne AND ELO. It will be followed by a Q&A with the creative force of Electric Light Orchestra and the singularly accomplished British singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer. KLOS DJ Cynthia Fox will host the event, which starts at 7:00 PM, and moderate the Q&A.

Lynne's illuminating and entertaining documentary MR. BLUE SKY: THE STORY OF Jeff Lynne AND ELO, written and directed by Martyn Atkins, gets to the heart of who Jeff Lynne is and how he has had such a tremendous musical influence on our world. The answer--as told by the British artist himself and such distinguished collaborators and friends of Jeff as Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Tom Petty, Joe Walsh, Olivia and Dhani Harrison, Barbara Orbison and Eric Idle--is that Lynne is a true man of music for whom the recording studio is his greatest instrument.

Lynne just released two albums on Frontiers Records on October 9 to critical praise: the solo disc LONG WAVE, a heartfelt and vivid tribute to some of the very songs that originally inspired him, and MR. BLUE SKY–THE VERY BEST OF ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA. For the latter album, Lynne has artfully revisited and created brand new versions--at his home studio in Los Angeles--of the greatest hits of ELO, actually improving on the gems that catapulted them to sales of 50 million-plus records worldwide.

The release of the albums marks the 40th anniversary of ELO. Both albums contributed to what called a “spectacular chart comeback (10/15/12),” with three top-10 albums on the U.K. charts at the same time—LONG WAVE, MR. BLUE SKY—THE VERY BEST OF ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA, and ALL OVER THE WORLD.

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