BILLY IN MOTION Wins Best Sports Film at Canada International Film Festival 2014

BILLY IN MOTION Wins Best Sports Film at Canada International Film Festival 2014

Filmmaker Maury Shessel has received the award for Best Sports Film at the Canada International Film Festival 2014 for his comedic take on track and field runners in Billy in Motion. Shessel is a graduate of the University of Southern California's prestigious School of Cinematic Arts, and Billy in Motion is his thesis film for his Master of Fine Arts. The film marks The First Time Shessel has written in the comedic genre and he is the first to admit that writing comedy is very challenging. "Making comedy is a serious business," according to Shessel. "It's about the art of precision - establishing a consistent tone, timing the jokes, and making sure the audience doesn't get ahead of the characters."

Billy In Motion follows the exploits of High School track star Billy Matthews as he prepares for the biggest race of his young life. With less than a week before the big race, and after one dramatic finish too many, Billy finds he can only run in slow motion. As race day quickly approaches, hilarity ensues for Billy and his adversaries.

The awards panel's recognition of Billy in Motion comes at a time when visual storytelling is in a state of transition. In the modern era where cameras are commonplace on every smartphone, it is easy for anyone to make a movie, but the true visionary filmmakers are the ones who are storytellers - and Shessel is a storyteller. He is a very versatile filmmaker and has the ability to edit, direct, write, do color correction and computer animation, and on rare occasions even step in front of the camera. Shessel frequently weaves a social message into his work whether it is serious drama or oddball comedy.

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