'The Young Godfather' is Released

'The Young Godfather' is Released

Author Steve Benidito pens a compelling novel about friendship, love, danger and pain form reality with his new publication, "The Young Godfather." This book tells the story of a Sicilian godfather in Brooklyn. For the last past six years, he has been responsible for the drug trafficking and the heavy bloodshed throughout the metropolitan area, but there is more to his life than crime and violence.

Profaci Benidito is a hard man, a Sicilian godfather who has a ruthless reputation, has loyal men around him who would kill and gladly serve him for a variety of reason. He learned the hard way, and he always put into mind that friends are snakes. He made it a point to be kind to everyone but friendly to none. It is his rule to never talk about one's family, never involve them in or around because once one does, the results can be devastating. In this kind of life, there is no settling down, not while he is in this type of business.

He knows how dangerous it can be. But he stays focused, remains loyal, but trusts no one. When the authorities are closing down on him and his men, Profaci used his head to evade them. He will also learn how to better deal with betrayals and deception as a traitor seems to reside in their center. Amidst the war against other groups, will he stand his ground and protect his men whom he considers his family?

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