THE 3RD AMERICAN DREAM by Suresh Sharma is Available Now

THE 3RD AMERICAN DREAM by Suresh Sharma is Available Now

Inspired by today's young generation, "The 3 rd American Dream" is a new genre of a business book for the 21 st century: Integrative in our understanding of exploding knowledge, exciting to read, contemporary in content, original in thought, and refreshingly inspiring this book definitely could not only be life-changing for all individuals; now, but also most certainly, will be game-changing for the country for decades to come. It explains you in practical details: how our people - their competencies, potential, aspirations, culture, strengths, and the very American way of life - relates to our existing business ecosystem and how can you unlock your full potential for infinite wealth creation and sustained economic prosperity.

"One must have a dream - but don't forget - you live by the day," says the author, and therefore, he goes on to help you take meaningful life decisions - now. Drawing upon history, economic theory and his own experience as an immigrant, a successful global business leader, and an entrepreneur: he lays out a road map for an individual as well as American prosperity based on entrepreneurship, innovation and a compatible business infrastructure that allows all to collaborate and compete.

What is "The 3 rd American Dream"?

"While unlocking the potential of new lands created the 1st American Dream in the 19 th century, it was the industrialization and urban housing of the 20 th century that led to the 2 nd dream we all knew i.e., Have a good job and own a suburban home! Now we are at the threshold of unlocking the full potential of each and every Americanthrough entrepreneurship and innovationthat is unleashing a tsunami of new economic growth in the 21st century. That's the 3rd American Dreamwhere the United States happens to be the most fertile ground, and offers you a path to infinite prosperity," the author explains. Sharma tells this compelling story, in an easy to read form, but with scholarly depth, data and examples. Entrepreneurship and Innovation are age-, industry-, and location-independent. And, these can happen across all functions in a business not just in technology. This book inspires everyone to relook at their own hidden potential at any stage of their life. What will help further is a realigned business ecosystem that fosters unlocking of their true potential even faster.

Further, the book offers a well-thought 12-year plan for policy makers - 'Vision 2025' - for the nation to reach unprecedented new prosperity levels. In a deeply studied, but succinctly presented way, the book addresses reforms in healthcare, energy, education and manufacturing what the author calls as the lifecycle industries. With the explosion of knowledge, he feels, we will have to be "more predictive in our ways to stay relevant to the present." With keen insight, and an American "can-do" attitude, the author is happy to report that with right approach, the American dream will surely live on.

Our best is yet to come in the 21 st century.

Suresh Sharma,,

THE 3RD AMERICAN DREAM by Suresh Sharma is Available Now

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