TELLURIAN by Mark F. Kalita Announces Pre-Sale Release

August 28
6:39 2014
TELLURIAN by Mark F. Kalita Announces Pre-Sale Release

With a purpose to outline a prospect of world peace to the inhabitants of the earth, Mark F. Kalita announces that his new book, "Tellurian", is offered for pre-sale in paperback and on Kindle at The pre-sale of this book offers tremendous savings off of the regular price when "Tellurian" is released for sale on September 3, 2014.

"Tellurian" by Mark F. Kalita is a story of the Tellurians, earth inhabitants who have learned to live in peace and unity through the teachings of the Archangel Michael and other archangels throughout their earth history. The Tellurians have been taught that they are Spiritual beings first living in a Temporal schoolhouse in which they are taught their true nature and life purpose. Through the conversations of Tellurians, Mark is able to weave a short story that speaks to every earth inhabitant, Tellurian and Human alike.

"Tellurian is very simply an earth inhabitant," Mark responds to a question in a recent interview. "We are all Tellurians and this book comprises new thinking to our place in the heavens, and upon the earth. If we were to live as Tellurians, our earth could also find peace and unity. More than peace and unity, suffering could be eliminated for all earth inhabitants."

Mark F. Kalita has written a number of other books on world religions, eschatology and prophecy. While the book "Tellurian" has an eschatological overtone, it is a simple story following the conversations of Tellurians as they learn about their heritage as spiritual beings. Within the Tellurian society, spiritual matters, and the growth of the Spirit of God within each Tellurian, is the backbone to their way of life. The Tellurian society lives in peace, truth and altruistic loving kindness for all inhabitants of the earth.

"Our society can learn a big lesson in God, the heavens and the meaning of life from the pages of 'Tellurian'," Mark adds. "The principles found within the core of 'Tellurian' society are consistent with the core principles of all major world religions. If earth beings could understand that we are one family, as the Tellurians have, we might be able to gain world peace too."

Mark has authored more than a dozen books on the new religious thinking of the future found within the core of the ancient texts while fixing errors that modern religious fanatics falsely claim are part of these ancient texts. His books include "Two Anointed Ones in the Tanakh, Bible and Qur'an: Revealing the Mashiach, Messiah and UMMI", "End Times 5775", "New World Order of One", "One World Religion: Guide to Money & Prosperity", "My Future Mother", "Secrets of God", "7 Day Bodhi", and others.

This new book, "Tellurian", is self-published by Mark F. Kalita through CreateSpace. It is available for pre-sale on the author's website at, for $3 off the full release price and $2 off the Kindle price when it is released on September 3, 2014. The pre-release kindle version is available at You can connect to Mark and see promotional videos for his other books at

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