Steve Kossa Preserves Father's Legacy in New Book

Steve Kossa Preserves Father's Legacy in New Book

Launceston, Australia

In 1948, author Steve Kossa arrived in Cowra, a migrant camp in Australia. His father, László, had taken his family from war-torn Hungary to Australia, but the journey was only half complete. In "László: The Gentleman from Budapest" (published by Balboa Press), Kossa recounts his father's life and honors the determined man who sacrificed so much to make a better life for his family.

Born into a wealthy Hungarian family, László experienced some of the biggest events of the early 20th century firsthand. The Great Depression caused currency devaluation and inflation, and World War II brought communism and the Russian army into the country. Outspoken against communism, László was deported to a Russian Gulag from where he managed to escape. Protective of his family, László knew they must leave Hungary as soon as possible.

After escaping the Iron Curtain, László took his family east to Australia and started from scratch as refugees seeking a new life. The family moved from the migrant camp to Sydney and later to Hobart, Australia, where László took whatever job he could find. His successful entrepreneurial ventures helped him recreate the life he had left behind in Hungary.

Kossa shares his father's story to entertain and preserve his memory. He hopes future generations will be inspired by László's courage and determination. His family is grateful for the opportunities and the lifestyle that Australia has provided.

Kossa writes, "I felt that my father's story needed to be recorded so that my children and grandchildren could know a little about their grandfather and great grandfather."

By Steve Kossa
Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 174 pages | ISBN 9781452512853
E-Book | 174 pages | ISBN 9781452512877
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About the Author
Steve Kossa was born in Budapest during World War II. His family escaped Russian-occupied Hungary in 1948, then as displaced persons fleeing war torn Europe relocated to Australia as refugees. He was educated in Australia and the U.S. Now a retired teacher and academic, he is proud to call Australia his country.

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