Stephen Harper to Publish Work on the History of Hockey with Simon & Schuster, November 2013

Stephen Harper to Publish Work on the History of Hockey with Simon & Schuster, November 2013

Stephen Harper has recently completed a work about the history of hockey that will be published by Simon & Schuster in the United States and Canada in November 2013.

The as-yet-untitled book tells the intriguing, little-known story of the origins of professional hockey, where strong personalities and philosophies battled to define not only how the game would be played on ice, but by whom. Drawing on extensive archival records and illustrations, early hockey histories, and newspaper archives, Stephen Harper has created a fascinating portrait of hockey at the turn of the twentieth century. This comprehensive history will also look at the early quests for the Stanley Cup, the rise of professional hockey, and the ascent of Toronto teams and players that have long been forgotten.

"Canadians from all walks of life enjoy cheering on the great heroes of our national game, but it wasn't always that way," said Mr. Harper. "The early days of professional hockey featured outsized personalities who fought pitchEd Battles to shape the game we know and love today. Writing this book has taught me a lot about hockey and a great deal more about Canada. I hope all who read the book enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the experience of writing it."

Jonathan Karp, President and Publisher of the Simon & Schuster Publishing Group, notes, "We have had a long history of publishing books on a wide range of topics by presidents and other world leaders. We are honored to be publishing Stephen Harper's book on the early days of hockey, a subject that goes right to the heart of Canada's national identity."

Kevin Hanson, President of Simon & Schuster Canada, adds, "Everyone knows that Canadians are zealous about our national sport, and who better to write about the history of hockey and our love of the game than Stephen Harper. "

All author royalties from the book will go to the Canadian Forces Personnel and Family Support Services (CFPFSS). The specific fund that the proceeds will be donated to is the Military Families Fund, which provides emergency financial assistance to military families faced with unforeseen and often immediate needs that have resulted due to conditions of service.