StarWalk Kids Media eBooks Win QED Seal of Approval

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Four exclusive, original eBooks published by children's eBook powerhouse StarWalk Kids Media has received the QED Seal of Approval from the Digital Book Awards. The QED is considered to be the "Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval" for eBook design and formatting, indicating to consumers that the title will render well in whatever their preferred reading format and that they can buy with confidence.

The titles selected were:

BETWEEN THE COVERS, written and illustrated by New York Times bestselling author Susan L. Roth. A little girl travels the Universe through her love of reading before its time to turn out the lights. Some day, when she's as big as Paul Bunyan, she will write books of her own! Susan L. Roth's unique collage illustrations make her love song to the joy of reading a delight for children and adults. At the end, there is a list of all the wonderful books that inspired the text, and a link for users to download a free, Roth-designed book plate.

CRITTER SITTERS, written and illustrated by Doug Cushman. Having a baby-sitter has never been more fun! The hilarious animals from "1-800- Hire-R-Critters," brought to life by Doug Cushman's energetic illustrations and clever rhymes, make each night of the week a rollicking ride from supper to bedtime.

EINSTEIN ANDERSON: SCIENCE GEEK. THE IMPOSSIBLE SHRINKING MACHINE. Written by Seymour Simon, illustrated by Kevin O'Malley. Science loving Adam "Einstein" Anderson is back - and more contemporary than ever! Einstein and his best friend Paloma Fuentes try to stump each other and foil the ever-scheming Stanley as they solve science mysteries. The 'fiction-plus-nonfiction' format was created with the new Common Core State Standards in mind, providing a natural, comfortable way to explore science topics from both fictional and informational perspectives.

WATER STORIES, written and illustrated by Jim Arnosky. Renowned author and naturalist Jim Arnosky's lifetime fascination with boats has carried him and his wife Deanna on many exciting voyages of discovery. From narrowly escaping from a 10-foot crocodile to participating in a daring sea rescue in a tiny skiff, Jim's adventures are exciting and fascinating. Each chapter of WATER STORIES is a journey on a succession of boats, from a tiny rowboat called Old Blue oars, to a tall, wide fishing vessel.....each portrayed in Jim Arnosky's luminous paintings.

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