Spiel Associates Improves Line of Bindery Equipment

April 3
12:41 2013

Spiel Associates Improves Line of Bindery Equipment

As spring has come, Spiel Associates continues making advances on their line of bindery equipment. The features and functionality on many of their machines has been enhanced, and now Spiel looks to streamline their double loop wire binders. Earlier this month, Spiel featured the Rilecart WB-360 on the company website ( along with a video of the double loop wire binder in action on their Youtube Channel. Now, Spiel Associates plans on giving the latest in their latest in their line of bindery equipment the same showcase.

With over a dozen already in their arsenal, Spiel Associates steps up their efforts with the Rilecart TP-480. The machine flips the cover since The TP-480 has the only cover flipper on a semi-automatic wire binder in the world. Spiel has announced that this is an entry-level semi-automatic double loop wire binder capable of finishing books at a swift 1,200 books per hour. The machine is capable of automatically cutting the wire to the proper length, while the operator only has to hang the book and pass it along an electric eye. The Rilecart TP- 480 does the rest. Spiel's marketing manager, Route 72 Systems, is impressed by the user-friendly execution of the Rilecart TP-480 and is eager to spread the word. Founder and CEO of Route 72 Systems, Jim Alamia, states: "Although this machine is quite innovative, Spiel has made sure to make this piece of bindery equipment user- friendly. It will encourage businesses to start doing binding jobs in-house, which will save businesses from the costs and hassle that pile up from relying on outside resources to handle the jobs for them."

Spiel notes that a major advantage of this is that the Rilecart TP-480 can bind books with tabs and extended covers. The Rilecart-TP 480 can be seen in action on the company's new Youtube channel ( Route 72 Systems is pleased to see Spiel Associates building on their line of bindery equipment as well as their Youtube Channel. Jim Alamia states: "Spiel has really embraced business lead generation and the Internet marketplace. Spiel Associates continues using it as an outlet to connect with customers and keep them informed. Many businesses need to realize that the more content you release to your customer base, the smarter and better purchase your valued customer base will make. Online users will appreciate your efforts and will most likely turn to your business for the product they need."


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