Robert Cook Gold Medal Thriller COOCH Being Offered Free on Kindle March 1-3

February 28
6:07 2013

Robert Cook Gold Medal Thriller COOCH Being Offered Free on Kindle March 1-3

Gold medal thriller author Robert Cook, in celebration of the recent debut of his second national security novel "Patriot and Assassin," today announced a limited-time promotion of his original successful novel, "Cooch." For 3 days only from March 1-3, 2013, the Kindle version of "Cooch" will be available on Amazon for free download. Download Complimentary Cooch Kindle March 1-3, 2013.

"Like the aggression shown with killer protagonist Alejandro "Cooch" Cuchulain, we have arranged for my original novel in the thriller series to roar into March with an unprecedented Kindle offering," said author Robert Cook.

Cooch has emerged as one of the most unusual killers, with a bent towards both Wall Street and special ops warfare in this national security thriller. Offered from Royal Wulff Publishing and Robert Cook Novels (, the novel features protagonist Alec Cuchulain.

Cook develops Alec Cuchulain both as a hedge fund manager and a CIA-sponsored special-ops warrior. Cooch moves from a Marine at 16, to a noted CIA warrior at age 25 and finally as a hedge fund manager, with stops at Oxford and Morocco. The drug cartel has decided to trade cocaine for defense secrets; Cooch and company are sent to crimp their plans. His allies include a Rhodes Scholar former Seal, a former Marine sniper and a foul-mouthed, scary smart, female CEO of a software company.


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